Movement Matters with Clive Fogelman


Even with the best intentions, nearly everyone has days when it’s a struggle to get moving.  We met up with yoga and meditation teacher, Clive Fogelman at the Yoga Garden Party last summer, who had these words of encouragement. . .


  • Take any opportunity at any stage during the day – if you’ve been sitting or standing for long periods, just take the opportunity to move!
  • Make it an open equiry into your body – how is it feeling?
  • Just move your feet, legs, hands. . .
  • Explore the movement and see if that creates a shift in how you’re feeling.
  • This could be an opportunity to release stress or just bring the attention back to the here and now.  Use your movement as a way of supporting that.
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These tips were extracted from an interview with Clive Fogelman at The Yoga Garden Party.  This fabulous annual charity event raises funds for The Hope Foundation and gives yoga lovers an opportunity to get together and share their practice.




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