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In so many of these newsletters, I’m giving you various messages of self-love. Because it’s just a truism that you can’t be there for others if you’re not there for yourself.

We all know that those who are ill are just so busy fighting their illness and struggling to get by, that of course, they aren’t able to give to others.

In the Northern hemisphere, the season of colds is upon us. It might be time to make some kind of strategy as to how you are going to boost your immune system to stay healthy this winter-time before the dreaded colds are upon us.

My top tips are:

  1. Get loads of sleep.
    Autumn time is nature’s time to start to rest more. Take your cue from nature and see if you can rest and sleep more as the biggest boost to your immune system.
  2. If you struggle to get the hours to sleep – have you tried Yoga Nidra? It’s Yogic Sleep- a state in between sleep and awareness that is truly magical and so very restful. If you did a 20 minute Yoga Nidra each afternoon, I’m sure that this would ward off the nasties as your immune system would be so awakened!
  3. Try taking Golden Paste, or Golden Milk.
    I just love this drink, and it’s renowned for its wonderfully healing properties. Check out my recipe here.
  4. Keep up your yoga.Your daily yoga and healing practices do just that. They heal your body as they relax your nervous system. If you’re constantly in that ‘fight or flight’ state of adrenaline caused by so much of modern life, you really will burn out too soon. Make sure you roll out your mat and move, even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day. We’ve even created an Immune Boosting Series with gorgeous Mimi. Check these out to give yourself that boost!
  5. Keep up your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. I know, it’s cold and we all want something to warm us up, but make sure that it’s something healthy like a freshly made vegetable curry, rather than something fatty or fried, to keep up your immune system.
  6. Stay happy.Make sure that you do everything in moderation. Not so much of the yoga, vegetables and early nights that you’re living a dull life and you can’t go out because you’re doing yoga (ahem, like me!!). Do things that interest you, that enthuse you, stay creative and awake, even through the winter months!
  7. Go on a retreat.I think that the winter is the best time of year to get that much-needed rejuvenation, the re-set needed to get through the winter. I’m off this week on a yoga retreat with my beloved teacher and friend Andrea Kwiatkowski at Shanti-Som.If you check out our MFML Facebook Pageyou’ll see some live classes filmed on retreat, you’ll have seen our Facebook live interviews on retreat and see loads of pics and videos of me stepping away from the computer.
  8. Take a digital detox.It’s so important to frequently step away from your computer to get creative, get out in nature, get happy with your friends and lighten up, even when it gets dark, to keep your immune system happy.

Stay well, and check out our updates on Facebook and Instagram for some retreat antics!!

with love
Kat and Team MFML


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