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Mmmm, one more hour of sleep this weekend. Blissful. After all that research I did on the benefits of extra sleep for this blog post, I slept in this weekend in peace in the knowledge that I was giving myself extra health, happiness and productivity.

But as the nights draw in here in the UK, I’m not sure about you, but I think of my tactics to get through the winter!

There are so many things you can do to feel better, if you, like me, start to feel a little sad when the sunshine dims, the weather cools and the lights turn on early.

And to our friends down under or anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere – we shall be channelling your weather to bring in our inner sunshine!!

What I try to do is really embrace whatever life brings and live in the moment. And if the moment is darker and colder, how about starting to relish some cosiness?

How about really looking forward to cosying up, wrapping up and embracing the dark. There are so many wonderful opportunities that the darkness bring.

The opportunity to look inside ourselves more, the opportunity to have more rest and sleep and take early nights, so that you are so much more energised through the light hours. The opportunity to take deep breaths, and re-frame your mindset into one of happiness.

You might know that our site is different because you can search by the emotion you’re looking for.

That’s because I’ve found yoga, breathing and mindful movement to be amazing in recovering from physical and mental challenges in life.

Our amazing Sylvia has come up with a Happiness Toolkit to get you through the winter months, and Part 2 is out this week.

Also we hope to cheer you up with a Facebook Live class, on our Facebook Page next with our Andrea.

Just like and follow our Facebook Page and the details will come shortly.


with love
Kat and Team MFML


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