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Meet me, Kat. Sole founder of MFML since 2013. Female. Queer. And definitely independent. That has been the path of running MFML. 

I set up Movement for Modern Life back in 2013 when I just knew, in my heart of hearts, that I needed to make the amazing yoga and wellbeing practices and teachings, which had got me through a car crash and heartbreak, accessible. The world of yoga was just too skinny, inaccessible and well, for bendy posh blondes. Even I, who arguably fitted that bill, felt that I didn’t belong. 

I just knew that the world class teachers who had changed my life needed to be accessible to all. I just knew I needed to create videos of them, to put on a website, which wouldn’t be about how you looked, but how you felt inside.. But at the time, I was getting questioned about whether anyone would want to do yoga at home. Or whether subscriptions as a pricing model would take off for an online business. Or whether people would value the very best yoga teachers above the average YouTube teachers.

Staying Independent

I decided not to take outside investment after initially setting up MFML, so that I could keep us as independent as possible, and we’d never have people asking why we didn’t opt for sexy women in bikinis doing handstands to advertise for us.

I don’t deviate from my values.

But there is a price to pay for independence, and that is a potentially bumpy and sometimes scary journey when times are tough.

Financial Struggle & The Importance of Community

I know that so, so many of you are really struggling financially right now. 

I know that because Joanna (our Mover Maven) and I receive emails from you lovely folks telling us that you’re going to have to cancel because of finances.

I know that folks will be wondering how to get through to Christmas, and wellbeing is just the furthest thing from your minds. 

And the answer to how we’ll get through is community. That’s always the answer.

And as to dropping wellbeing and self-care when times are tough? 

Well, that’s exactly when we really need those practices.

I set up MFML because I wanted the very best teachers to be accessible to everyone. And I do firmly believe that our teachers are the best you can get. I know that there are many free yoga and wellbeing resources out there, but to be honest, I don’t think that they’re as good. I wouldn’t trust my best friend with them, knowing that they could be safely guided through a practice.

A New Scheme: Pay it Forward

I wanted to offer a new scheme. A waiting list of those who would like a subscription, but couldn’t otherwise afford one (join the waiting list here).

And the ability to ‘pay it forward’ for those who can.

Our classes really are great value, the full-price monthly subscription is less than the price of just one class with one of our teachers. So I would love to ask if you would like to Pay it Forward. Our Pay I Forward Scheme ensures that for every paid subscription purchased, a free subscription is generated for someone on reduced income. No two tier system.

Just pay it forward when you can afford to, and claim one back when you can’t. A simple, supportive and sustainable system.

You can make one-off payments or set up monthly, or annual pay it forward subscriptions.

Thank YOU

I would like to thank you, or loyal Movers, so much, in advance. You’re the ones who have enabled MFML to do all that we’ve done. And we’ve done so, so much. Introducing so many new teachers, 1,500 classes, live community classes, regular workshops and online retreats. It’s YOU who’s enabled us to thrive against the odds. 

It’s your loyalty of our lovely Movers has proved all of those who said that I couldn’t do it, wrong. I’m just so, so proud of us all. As a community, we’ve done amazing things.

But now, I need to ask that, as a community, we can pull each other through, and you’ll help to pull us through as you do it.

I really would so, so appreciate it if you’d be able to ‘pay it forward’ when you can.

With gratitude, and with love.

Kat x


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