Real Men Do Yoga


Welcome to the new community of men willing to break the status quo. OHMME offers comradeship, camaraderie and clothes for all you male yogis out there.


Stereotype Busting

This article isn’t intended to convince men of the benefits of doing yoga. Most people in the western world know the benefits by now. In fact an all too common phrase heard these days is something like this:

‘I probably should be doing yoga because. . .


. . . I injured my _____ ’


. . . my doctor told me to.’


. . . I’m stressed out at work.’


. . . I want to be stronger and more flexible.’

Let’s face it, anything as relaxing and healing as yoga would serve as an antidote to our modern overrun, sedentary and busy lifestyles. These days yoga has been made so accessible, that even those who struggle to get off the couch can roll onto the floor into a yoga session to heal both body and mind.

However, stereotypically when it comes to exercise, women do yoga and most men turn to the gym. The masculine image of a muscle clad guy does more for the masses than a calm and centred ‘skinny’ yogi ever did.

So marketers have a choice, brand yoga to men and have it be disregarded, or to women and cash in, a no brainer. Even though most men may feel great doing yoga they wouldn’t even consider doing it

Isn’t Yoga for Girls?!

‘The mass of men lead quiet lives of desperation’ – Henry David Thoreau

We’re here to commend the modern men who continually break the status quo, stepping into the wonderful world of yoga when society tells them not to.

They embody its countless benefits, becoming true pioneers in a world where men need heroes. It’s thanks to them that yoga is becoming much more widely accepted, giving men somebody to look up to.

Yoga for Men

Louis D’Origny and Jonty Hikmet are such male yogis who decided to break the stereotype; they have a passion for yoga and experienced first­ hand how it could help guide modern men.

Louis and Jonty got male yoga practitioners together to study different fabrics and designs, aiming to create a clothes brand solely for men.

By creating an image which men would resonate with, the brand could redefine opinions and finally get more men on to the path of yoga.

Thus OHMME was created, yoga clothes made to ignite modern man’s search for freedom amongst a sea of false stereotypes and imagery.

Made in a high quality factory in Portugal, the functionality of the clothes suit men in their more dynamic focused practices, and thus have become a huge asset.

It’s one thing for a man to feel comfortable doing yoga, it’s another thing entirely to have a whole community of men supporting you on your path to self­ discovery.

OHMME is here to support men on their journeys.

OHMMEThis post was written by OHMME Yoga Clothing for Men.  Find out more & shop at  Specially for Movement For Modern Life users, OHMME are offering 15% off any purchase. Simply enter code MFML2020 at checkout!


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