Champion of Change 3: Jyoti Manuel


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Meet Jyoti Manuel. She’s one incredible game-changer when it comes to living yoga on and off the mat. Her life work is teaching yoga to children and those with special needs who so benefit from practices of yoga and mindfulness.

Jyoti is one of the most senior teachers in the UK, having practiced and taught yoga for four decades. She set up Special Yoga London in 1992 to teach children and children with special needs in London. There Jyoti became recognised as the foremost children’s yoga teacher. Now she heads up Special yoga Global which specialises in International yoga teacher training  for children and people with special needs.

Jyoti truly is a remarkable woman, and someone who I met many years ago and has inspired me to run my business with integrity and patience. Her thoughts on her dharma are simple ‘When it’s your soul’s calling, it lights you up to do the work’. A wonderful reminder to all of us who are wondering if we are on the right path to do this very simple test – are you lit up by your work?

Jyoti has thrown the rule book out when it comes to her teachings. No class plans. Just listening. And this podcast is all about listening to another, what it truly means to listen to another and how absolutely revolutionary the simple act of listening can be.

Check out her classes on see her amazing skills for yourself. See her beautiful and truly transformational work at A real champion of change, living her yoga practice and her teachings in her daily life. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed chatting to Jyoti!


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