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I’m going to let you into a secret. I feel a little protective of you guys. You Movers, who subscribe to MFML who trust me to find and film the very best teachers across a range of styles.

I know this means you are then inspired to roll out your mats at home, as you travel and in your back gardens.

I feel like I’m recommending a guest to come into your house and to share some mysteries with you. And I take that privilege pretty seriously.

When I find teachers, we’re saying to you, hey, I’ve checked this person out and think they’re awesome and I think you will too.  Trusted teachers is what it’s all about for MFML.

This is what I thought when I first talked to our newest teacher, Corrie Ananda.

Now Corrie’s not brand new to yoga, oh no, she’s been practicing for 17 years. And she’s a dedicated practitioner.

She’s not an Instagram yogi who prefers to take pictures of herself or to show off or someone who just makes a living from teaching.

But she’s a practitioner, who works on herself on the mat every single day. My favourite teachers are those who’ve had life experiences on and off the mat to share, from their hearts with your heart.

And Corrie is the real deal.

Now she’s an Ashtangi. I used to practice Ashtanga when I was younger.

The discipline of Ashtanga is second to none. It’s a beautiful practice.

It’s most accessible to the younger, more flexible and stronger ones.

But there are plenty of older Ashtangis, those who enjoy the rigour of the practice.

The first class that Corrie has shared with us this week is a beginners introduction to Ashtanga, a slower, taught flow.

Perfect for those new to Ashtanga and those of us with bodies reluctant to flow too quickly.

I do hope you enjoy Corrie’s teachings as much as I do. It’s a privilege to bring you her as one of our trusted teachers.

<<Join Corrie here for her Ashtanga Slowed Down Sequence>>


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