Time To Upgrade Your Daily Routine


This month many of us are ushering children back to school and in the office there’s a feeling of getting back down to work. Holidays are over, we’re back to the daily routine. Which is a wonderful opportunity to start forming a new routine, one that you can manage every day.

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Many of us, including me, work in sedentary jobs these days, slumped over a computer. Now we’re in a time of starting afresh after the holidays, perhaps you’ll join me getting into some new habits. Recognise the impact of computers on your health, your posture, your breathing – and do something about it!

I’ve written a little blog on Yoga for Tech, it’s something I feel passionately about. Make a commitment to take more breaks away from your computer. Instead of smoking breaks, how about breathing breaks? Do your neck, wrist and shoulder release poses often. Make sure you don’t hold tension in your jaw, no matter how tense-making your job, your jaw won’t help you. We have a whole section on Yoga for Work. I do hope you’re able to take your 10 minute breaks and these classes help you.

Resist The Pings

Most of all, don’t respond to every ping, email, notification immediately. It’s way better for productivity to focus on your task and then bunch your emails together at certain times of day. See it as Yoga for Your Office, and see if you can increase your focus at work.

How Do You Stay Sane At Work?

We’d love to hear your ideas for keeping the balance in the workplace. Tell us your tips or resolutions in the comments box below!

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