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I don’t know about you, but I spend way too much time on my computer. I love what I do, but I work using a computer for most hours of the day. Many of us do. And that’s why I’ve come up with this SOS, especially for those of us who work in the field of technology in one way or another.


There are so many things about working on computers that I love. I love the flexibility it affords me, I love that I can work from anywhere, a field in the countryside, or from the city, and be just as, or more productive.

But as with any kind of sedentary working, and work that involves repetitive acts, this leads to stagnation and sitting using a computer or a phone leads to its own kind of physical health issues.

This is why I have collaborated with some of the very best teachers from the UK and beyond and recorded specific practices for those of us who are desk and computer bound for most of their days.

I find it hard to get out to classes, like most folks. But I do give myself frequent ‘stretch and breathe breaks’ rather than committing to full length practices. This is where yoga online comes into its own – doing very short and targeted classes to fit into my day and I hope that these short classes can be a useful break in the course of your day.

You Stoop? You need an Antidote!

You’re at your computer right now, right? Check your shoulders? Are they in front of your torso? Thought so. And pick up your smart phone? How does that effect your shoulders? Most of us get a screen-hunch going on.

Our amazing teacher, Andrea Kwiatkowski has come up with a short, sharp class designed to anti-stoop you!

This class opens the upper back, which can feel really ‘stuck’ after periods of hunching over a screen. And I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be Andrea’s lucky student in that class.

>>The Stoop Antidote>>
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 11.59.43


Need Something more chilled and all-round for your computer habit?

This next class is another shortie, dedicated to us desk jockeys and computer junkies. The focus of this class is the shoulders and neck as well as wrists.

It is a slower, more chilled  class which focuses on releasing sore necks, opening up the upper back and moving the wrists. Wrist joint can really suffer from our tech lives, leading to RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, or just stiff, painful wrist joints.

It’s really important to keep all joints moving freely, especially the wrists which are designed for a full range of movement but which we use in such a limited and repetitive way.

>>Moves For Computer Users>>
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.00.43


Frequent Mover? Strengthen those wrists!

For those of us who do advanced movement classes and handstands in particular, these are some really strong wrist strengthening moves:

>>Handstand Challenge: Day 12>>
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.04.14

Hands Up who gets Wrist Ouch?

I do! All the time! Mainly from holding and using my tiny phone and doing too much work on that. The moves are beautifully designed to protect wrists.  This class very cleverly gives us back our wrist movement, they feel spacious, lose and, um, well ready to get to the keyboard now…

>>Keyboard Users: Protect Your Wrists>>
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.01.33



Most of us carry the weight of the world not only in our shoulders, but mostly in our necks. Our necks are often involved in way too much of what we do, when we just need to release and let them go.

For a very quick neck release class, you could try this class:

>>Quick Neck Release>>
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.03.16


Want to Move More and have more time?

This class is made for protecting and strengthening the wrists and shoulders, and will give you a little more flow too.

>>Protect & Strength For Wrist & Shoulders>>
Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 12.02.10


These are the most specifically tailored classes. And if you have a little longer, give yourself the gift of a full-length beautifully nourishing class on Movement for Modern Life.

With our focus on the specific benefits you might be looking for in a class (Back and Shoulders, Reduce Stress and Anxiety) – and from classes from just 2 minutes to 90 minutes, you’ll find something to lift you up, help you move more and breathe more deeply whenever you can release yourself from the screen!

Kat Farrants by Karen Yeomans

Kat Farrants by Karen Yeomans

This blog was written by MFML’s fabulous founder, Kat Farrants.


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