Champion of Change 2: Vidya Heisel

Yoga Off The Mat - The Movement For Modern Life Podcast
Yoga Off The Mat - The Movement For Modern Life Podcast
Kat Farrants

Kat Farrants, founder and CEO of Movement For Modern Life, talks with experts in different fields and looks at them from the point of view of a yogic lifestyle. With her discoveries, we learn how to take our Yoga practice off the mat and live a happy, healthy, sustainable life.

Vidya’s mission in her newest project is to reverse desertification in southern Spain. Southern Spain is at massive risk of becoming a desert, which means that the land will be irreversibly unusable. Vidya Heisel is founder of Frog Lotus Yoga International, and is one of the most senior and respected teachers of yoga in the world. She founded Suryalila Retreat Centre with grand ambitions and created the largest yoga practice space in Europe.

She talks to Kat about how she is educating the local farming community to change their intensive farming practices to use less water, help prevent droughts and reverse what seems as the inexorable march of desert through the whole of Southern Europe. This talk is a must-listen to if you’re interested in the world around you, and wonder how olive groves and beautiful fields of sunflowers hide the dark fact that the way that they are farmed is increasing risk of drought, use of poisonous chemicals and turning the land into unusable desert and the inspiring story of how Vidya is living her yoga off the mat and in real life in her care for her environment.

The story Vidya tells is one of her resourcefulness in simply educating herself around the issues to manage her own land, and passion to educate and inspire people about different ways of managing the land, and the impact intensive farming has on the planet.

During the show Kat questions the threat of desertification worldwide and actually, worldwide just under 40% of the world’s land surface is threatened with desertification!!! Vidya’s mission to reverse desertification has never been more needed.

The practice of mindfulness around the preciousness of our resources is key to Vidya’s message, her work truly is yoga in action.

Vidya’s classes can be found at Find out more about Danyadara  and suryalila at


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  1. Fiona Maguire

    This is the first ever podcast I have listened to and boy what a way to start. Absolutely loved Vidya’s message. Having lived in Southern Spain it really resonated with me. She and Kat have inspired me to research permaculture for my own little veggie patch at home. Thank you so much for a brilliant introduction to podcasts. Xx


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