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“You’re only as old as your spine”, so the saying goes.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

What are you doing to keep your spine happy and healthy? I know that I for one often forget that I even have a spine unless there’s some kind of pain. But of course by the time there are aches and pains, we’ve often abused our backs so much that we have to really think of remedial action. So how about having a daily spinal movement practice to simply retain your mobility and keep your spine limber and pain free.

I love the phrase ‘the backbone’ of society. That reminds me that in fact the most important part of our freedom of movement is my backbone. It’s so important to keep moving it in every way, stretching, retaining full mobility, strengthening – so that we have a backbone to be proud of well into our old age.

My mum is someone who particularly inspires me. She’s always been fit and healthy, but like many older people, her backbone was suffering, from her sedentary lifestyle from her office job, she was getting shorter and had signs of osteoporosis, a very common condition. And most of us just accept getting shorter and weaker to be inevitable parts of aging.

Whilst aging certainly is an honour given to the lucky ones, the associated dis-ease of aging is not inevitable. My mum has, in fact, since the age of 70, when she started her daily MFML practice, got taller. And stronger. And has less signs of illness or dis-ease. She’s now 77 and I think fitter than she was when she was my age. But she doesn’t ever short-change on her MFML back exercises which she attributes to lack of back-pain. I’ll interview her on the podcast soon because I know she’s such an inspiration to so many of us!

Scarily we’ve read that the amount of years people live with low back pain has risen by 54% in 25 years! So how about having a daily spinal movement practice to simply retain your mobility and keep your spine limber and pain free.
We have a brand new, rather fabulous back-care series with amazing Lizzie Reumont. Moving your spine a little every day will certainly keep you stronger, happier and more vibrant.
Let me know how you get along in our Movers group!
  With love
Kat and Team MFML


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