It’s Not How You Move, It’s Who You Move With


The last two weeks have been frenetic and fantastic for us!



We went on tour to the states where we met many brilliant, incredible people, and we have an abundance of wonderful new plans for the future.

In the course of our travels, there has been a recurring theme:  the what of what we all do is often secondary. Our intention and whom we chose to do it with are paramount.

We’re all about collaboration, partnership, sharing the work of our talented yogis, Movers and transformation gurus, and we have been approached by so many more who want to share their work with you. And it reminds us that in life – and notably now when we all have so many options open to us – discernment is key. This especially applies when it comes to our ‘people,’ those with whom we choose to spend our time.

In fact, we need to be discerning, more than ever, about how we spend the precious hours of our lives, whether it’s in regards to the classes we choose, our intentions for those classes, and even who and when we speak to people on the phone.

There isn’t enough life/time for endlessly browsing half-baked ideas wrapped up in beautiful marketing. All of us need to get to the truth – there is no time for dabbling! Furthermore, we need those around us to see and support those nuggets of truth that lead us on the right path in life.

With support and togetherness, you, and we, will all fly.

With love,
Kat and Team MFML xx
14 October 2015









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