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Yoga and Chanting

Ever wondered about the connection between yoga and chanting? MFML teacher, Andrea Kwiatkowski explains why chanting is a powerful practice that she does daily.

We are Vibrational beings, the whole of existence is composed of sound . As planets move through space , vibrating , we too vibrate and permeate on levels to everything and everyone. For the yogi we are trying to connect with that which is called Shabdha Brahman: the absolute divine , our own true divine nature. 

“ That which has created and which is holding, and in which is held the whole manifestation and the whole cosmos, is one power , and that is vibration “. 

Hazrat Inayat Khan
What are Mantras?

Nada yoga is the yoga of listening, the concept of a sound body and sound mind. A way to turn inwards through sound, mantras are musical vibrational tones that help the mind travel from one state of consciousness to another . Nad means to sound , thunder, roar or cry . The A added means the tone. It can also mean river, a sound stream . Chanting mantras, the names of the divine can help us to loosen the knots around the heart so we can appreciate a sense of connectedness. Imagine how that might be helpful for you, NOW . People that chant, practice Bhakti yoga , the yoga of devotion it is a daily practice of remembrance of unity, love and supreme consciousness. 

My own chanting practice

Through my own yoga practice I have learnt many mantras from my teachers . I have been in a room with over a hundred people singing and chanting the names of God . I like to chant every day, sometimes a simple melody for a few minutes .

The Benefits of Chanting

I find it loosens me up, uplifts me . Maybe you have been in a church and sung in a choir? Or gone to a football match and chanted your team’s song? What does it feel like to hear your own voice without others in the room? Can you get over what you sound like and enjoy the experience. One of the benefits of chanting is to get over yourself , to let go of the ego . It also helps us to develop a super yogi power to say what we mean and mean what we say ! Let’s focus our minds on re uniting our body and minds to that and uplifting our spirits in the process. 

Yoga and Chanting

I wanted to share some of my favourite chanting classes on Movement for Modern Life with you.

Chants to Help during Challenging times
Yoga and Chanting

Chant to Ganesha

Invocation to Lord Ganesh, who is the remover of obstacles and who guards the doorway to the enlightened realms.

Chant Sri Krishna

A perfect chant for when strong emotions overwhelm us.

Chanting: get to the heart of yoga

Singing and drumming can help us release some of the charge of our nervous system.

New to chanting: These are great places to start

A Waterfall of Oms

Repeated chanting of Om will let you steady, centre and invite deep peace and healing.

Sthira Sukham Asanam

A chant from the Yoga Sutra

Need to feel uplifted? Here are some fun chants

Chant Sita Ram

A short joyful chant.

Yoga and Chanting

I am Free

Allow the intention of the mantra to bring you into harmony. Away from your busy day, away from your thoughts and into the heart centre.

yoga and chanting

Chant to Shiva

A great chant to shift your energy and move forward in life

About Andrea Kwiatkowski

Andrea Kwiatkowski is an Advanced Jivamukti certified teacher. She also teaches Yin yoga and Restorative yoga. Andrea is known for her deep philosophical message in her class, interweaving the teachings from the scriptures and making them practical for everyday living.


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