Which Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Yoga Teacher Training Course

Have you been inspired to train as a yoga teacher? Not sure which yoga teacher training course to pick? Here is a guide to courses with some of your favourite yoga teachers.

Enrolling in a yoga teacher training course can be a big step. Not only are you making a considerable investment of time and money but you need to find the right training for you! We recommend that you spend some time considering what it is you want from your training and try out the styles of different teachers. Is it certification or accreditation that you are after? Do you want to gain deeper insight into a specific style of yoga? Is it that a particular teacher’s style resonates with you and you want to teach in a similar way. Are you more drawn to anatomy or philosophy? Once you are clear on what it is you want from a training, it will be much easier to take a decision.

Lucy McCarthy

Details: Homecoming 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Madrid- Spain. A comprehensive Vinyasa teacher training that takes place 1 weekend a month over 6 months. You will learn how to teach mindful, breath-led transformational Vinyasa flow classes. We will cover on the course Asana, Pranayama, Philosophy, Meditation, Intelligent Sequencing and much more! Lucy co-teaches this teacher training alongside Eliza Coolsma who runs The Natural Yogi Studio in Madrid.

Dates: January – June 2021

Special offer: 10% off if you book before 1 November

Further Information: http://www.lucyogi.com/teachertraining

Lucy is also involved in Awakening of the Heart, 200 hour Anusara Yoga Teacher Training held in Mallorca, Spain. Lucy is part of the teaching faculty on this training led by Senior Anusara teacher Suzanne Slocum-Gori along with Lauren Lee. You can find out more: http://suzannefaith.com/200-ytt

Mimi Kuo-Deemer and Jean Hall

Details: Daoist Flow Yoga Teacher Training (230 hours). This Yoga Alliance UK and Yoga Alliance USA accredited YTT is founded by Mimi Kuo Deemer and Jean Hall, and begins from the idea that everything is part of the whole, a belief found within both Yoga and Daoist traditions. Its unique approach is the integration of traditions and practices from yoga, qigong and somatic movement principles. Having run teaching trainings together for 10 years at triyoga, Jean and Mimi teach with dedication, humour and depth. Over the years, they have offered an effective platform for teachers to feel confident in their personal practice and professional teaching capacity so that by the end of their training, they are equipped to take their love of yoga into the world.

In this Daoist Flow Teacher Training, they will offer their thorough approach and a supportive environment so that by the end, you will feel confident to teach authentically and in a way that can let students experience the profound transformation of yoga. This training is open to those who wish to teach yoga but equally open to those who wish to deepen their knowledge and approach to mind-body movement. Guest teachers include: Aki Omori (somatic anatomy), Daniel Simpson (Yogic and Buddhist philosophy) and Daniel Breakwell (voice and chanting).

Dates: March 2021 – February 2022

Further Information: https://www.mkdeemer.com/daoist-flow-yoga-teacher-training.html and https://www.yogajeannie.com/daoist-flow-yoga-teacher-training

Special Offer: Early bird and payment scheme available

Jean Hall

Details: 300 hour Advance teacher training, Accredited by Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP) UK. Setting the highest standards in yoga teaching, this advanced teacher training course with Jean Hall and Anna Ashby will enable and empower teachers to hone their skills in order to effectively teach students of all levels + experience. Delving deeper into the rich and diverse body of knowledge known as yoga and honouring its tradition alongside fresh + innovative approaches, participants will be supported to foster + enrich their own authentic style and voice to become confident, inspiring and embodied teachers.

Dates: April 2021 – November 2022

Further Information: https://triyoga.co.uk/teacher-training-courses/triyoga-advanced-yoga-teacher-training/

Special Offer: Payment Scheme Available

Catherine Annis

Details: Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training. The course was created by Catherine Annis and she leads it alongside her co-teacher Tanya Love.  Guest teachers are: Gary Carter (anatomy and myofascia), Peter Blackaby (functional movement), Jody Barber (intro to anatomy) and Nev Cregan (philosophy).  There is a maximum of 18 trainees so everyone has plenty of individual attention. The focus is on anatomy and the moving body in yoga and offers an exploratory approach to yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, and driven by the most current scientific anatomical and movement research.

Dates: October 2020 – March 2022

Further information: https://www.intelligentyogateachertraining.co.uk/teacher-training/how-to-apply/

Special Offer: £250 discount for MFML movers

Lucy and Ben Parker

Details: Understanding Yoga Teacher Training with Flow Tunbridge Wells, a 330-hour in-depth training, Accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP). This 20-month training also includes a 5 night UK residential in May 2022. This course is for people with a thirst for knowledge. Knowledge not just about the skills and techniques needed to become a good yoga, meditation and pranayama teacher, but the kind of knowledge, and more importantly understanding, that will ignite a fire in your belly to continue exploring more. This course is run by Flow Tunbridge Wells with special guest teachers covering areas such as: Anatomy & Physiology with Ben and Lucy Parker. Meditation & Philosophy with Alexander Filmer- Lorch. Creative Sequencing & Somatics with Liz Lark. Pranayama & Breath-work with Laurent Roure. Teaching Beginners, 1-2-1 Clients & Harnessing your unique teaching voice with Lucy Parker. Also, included are modules in History of Yoga,Yogic Texts, Ayurveda, Pregnancy, and much more.

Lucy and Ben also run an Advanced Applied Anatomy training, now in its 5th year. This training offers you an in-depth insight into human anatomy. Specifically designed to support and complement your safe and effective teaching of others this course is inspiring, informative and interactive. This course is 70 Hours and fully Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited. The course takes place Meeting one Sunday a month from February – August 2021. More details on the course can be found here.

Dates: April 2021 – December 2022 (330 hour training)

Further Information: https://flowtunbridgewells.com/understanding-yoga/

Special Offer: £200 discount to movers before December 2020. Please add that you are an MFML mover to your application.

For the Advanced Applied Anatomy course, Lucy and Ben are offering an additional £50 off for MFML on Early Bird price before 20th November 2020. Use Code MFMLAAA2021.

Yoga Teacher Training Course
Andrea Kwiatkowski

Details: Jivamukti 300 hours training in Italy. Andrea also offers mentoring and short courses. You can find further details on her website.

Dates: October – November 2021

More information: Jivamukti teacher training

Norman Blair

Details: Norman teaches four types of training courses each year: a five day Yin yoga course; a nine-day advanced Yin yoga course; a five-day Yin yoga and meridians course; and a two day Yin and meridians course. Norman also runs mentoring groups for yoga teachers. All courses have a limited number of participants and are based on the multi-teacher model to enhance the processes of learning. Course details and dates here: https://www.yogawithnorman.co.uk

Dates: Through the year

Further Information: https://www.yogawithnorman.co.uk/yoga-training

Clive Fogelman

Details: Clive offers one-to-one Mentoring. Sessions can be one-off, weekly or monthly and can be done in person, online or on the phone. Some of the things we explore in the sessions include; finding one’s voice as a teacher, clarifying one’s teaching path, creating teaching opportunities, how to create a sustainable job as a teacher, self-care for yoga teachers and how to manage particular scenarios that we encounter in our classes and with students. I also observe teachers teaching their classes providing feedback for development.

Dates: Anytime

Further Information: Contact Clive directly

Andrew McGonigle

Details: Andrew offers a 30-Hour Online Anatomy Training for Teachers and Trainee Teachers. Please note that applications close 16 October.

Dates: October 2020 – March 2021

Further Information: https://onlinecourse.doctor-yogi.com/p/30-hour-course

Special Offer: 20% off for Movers


Details: HFE’s yoga teacher teaching training is designed to breathe new life into your fitness career. Internationally-recognised and fully endorsed by CIMSPA, our Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training offers you to the chance to master ancient principles, philosophies and techniques, and become a world-class teacher. What truly sets the course apart is the content is written and delivered by yoga teachers who have been there and done it all before. The course itself is delivered via blended learning which is includes a period of home study and practical weekend attendance at over 10 nationwide venues including London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds.

Dates: Various through the year

Further Information: Visit HFE’s dedicated yoga instructor course page for more information.

Lizzie Reumont

Details: Lizzie offers ongoing philosophy courses of interest: Demystifying the Yoga SutrasDemystifying the Bhagavad Gita and Redefining Practice for the Present Day. She also offers small group and one-to-one mentoring sessions for teachers and teachers-in-training.

Dates: From October 2020 – April 2021

Further Information: All from Lizzie’s Website

Dan Peppiatt

Details: Yoga Like Water 200 hour immersive yoga teacher training course.

‘Absorb what is useful; reject what is useless and add what is specifically your own’

Bruce Lee

Yoga Like Water works by the motto above and as a result is without doubt one of the UK’s most unique yoga teacher trainings. Approaching the way that yoga is taught and practiced from an entirely new angle, we believe that there should be no separation between ‘yoga’ and life. Expect to explore the eight limbs of yoga from every angle imaginable:

  • breathing from traditional pranayama, free-diving techniques & Russian Systema;
  • physical movement from sources as diverse as asana, Qi Gong, parkour & movement training
  • the mind from yoga nidra, meditation, attention deconcentration & slacklining;
  • and philosophy courtesy of Patanjali, Buddhism, mental training for rock climbers & Krishnamurti.

Dates: April – December 2021 near St. Agnes, North Cornwall

Further information: Details of Yoga Like Water training is found here. If you have questions, then you can email Dan to find out more.

Special Offer: Prices range from £2000 – £2250 depending on payment scheme and an Earlybird is available for deposits taken before end of November.

Kristin Campbell

Details: Kristin is offering a number of different options this year: online, in person in London and in Squamish. The ‘Set Yourself Apart’ teacher mentorship programme takes place via Skype. You can find out more here. Hot Yoga training is a 60-hour training that offers a comprehensive introduction to triyoga hot. You will gain the skills and knowledge to safely and effectively teach triyoga hot classes, whilst simultaneously deepening your appreciation, understanding and personal practice of hot yoga. Finally, the autumn immersive in Squamish are 3-hr classes on select weekends starting Sept 12 – Dec 20, 2020. More details are found here

Dates: Hot Yoga Training – February 2021

Further Information: Booking details for hot yoga are found here.

Jyoti Jo Manuel

Details: Special Yoga runs a number of courses to train to work with children with special and additional needs. Special Yoga for Special Children Foundation ONLINE is Special Yoga’s flagship online training, empowering you with confidence and accessible tools to support children with special needs to thrive physically, physiologically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. Jyoti Manuel created the content of this course and she leads on this training with contributions from the Special Yoga team. Additional courses include: Special Yoga & Mindfulness for Autism & ADHD ONLINE; Special Yoga for Cerebral Palsy & PMLD ONLINE; 
Yoga for Dyslexia and Dyspraxia ONLINE; Special Yoga for the Down Syndrome Community ONLINE; Special Yoga for Children and Young People with Hearing and/or Visual Impairment ONLINE. You will also find a range of free resources.

Dates: Various dates – please check Special Yoga, but the foundation course begins on 30 September.

Further Information: Details for the courses, costs and how to enroll can be found on the special yoga website.

Katarina Rayburn

Details: Kindred Yoga 200 hours training is led by Katarina Rayburn. Expect a dynamic vinyasa training whilst working closely with the spiritual practice of yoga such as meditation, pranayama, chakra study and the subtle body.  The teaching style is highly engaging, practical, fun and interactive. Expect lots of hands-on learning and discussion! Understanding and respecting the sacred practice of yoga and its origins is an essential part of the training. Kallie Schut and Jonelle Lewis teach the History of yoga, philosophy and race equity. Students will be able to delve into important conversations around cultural appropriation and the colonisation of yoga. Our mission is for our students to graduate armed with the tools, techniques and knowledge to approach life as a qualified yoga teacher with confidence, intelligence and integrity.

Dates: The training begins with a 10 day immersion (10th – 22nd August 2021) on the Greek Island of Paros followed by six monthly weekends (September 2021 to February 2022) at the Deptford Lounge studio in S.E London.

Further information: For information and to apply please visit: https://www.kindredyogalife.com/schoolofyoga


7 thoughts on “Which Yoga Teacher Training Course?

  1. Laura Currie

    I am currently doing the advanced applied anatomy with Lucy and Ben Parker. This year, as we are all finding, is a challenge but Lucy and Ben have continued with this very enjoyable training via zoom and at the studio when covid has allowed. I would recommend this course, great content and 2 lovely people that know their fields and show great passion in what they do. Thank you! Laura

  2. Elisa Forrester

    Flowtunbridgewells becomes a very special place, when every month you are surrounded by like minded people. It opens your heart, it opens your soul and your mind. I feel so very privileged to have such passionate teachers on this amazing journey of my UYTT.
    I would not have wanted to undertake this training anywhere else. I’m sad that it’s coming to an end, but my journey is only just beginning , why not see where your journey will take you by training with Flowtunbridgewells ✨🙏✨

  3. Natalie Hirst

    I’m currently studying the advanced applied anatomy course at Flow with Ben & Lucy. I was so impressed how they very quickly got themselves up and running with online training when Covid hit. Their set up is very professional and they made the move to Zoom super smooth! It’s a gorgeous and inspiring little studio, clearly it’s their passion, as a couple, to share their love of yoga and body work. They both have masses of knowledge and their course is very well designed and structured. I wish I lived nearer to them!

  4. Jane Maltby

    We’re nearly at the end of the Flow Understanding Yoga Teacher Training, venturing into our own classes – constricted by COVID, sadly – and it’s amazing to see how we’ve all turned out. We all have a unique style and voice that we want to bring to students, and it’s been wonderful to see that develop over the last year and a half, nurtured by Lucy and Ben. The anatomy that underpins the course feels to me like a superpower – by understanding how bodies move, how mind and emotions interact, we know we can create classes to help those bodies, minds and emotions. I’ve seen classes from my fellow trainees mixing in dance, poetry, breathing and meditation to the yoga – we’ve got a whole knapsack of resources to draw from, and we’ve felt free and encouraged to do that, all the way along. We’re all just at the start of teaching but it’s been a wonderful ride so far.

  5. Jack

    Hi, I am Jack
    Thank you for suggesting detailed information about which yoga course should I choose to learn yoga. You have mentioned a couple of suggestion where we can go for the best one which is suitable for us. As we know yoga is the part of our life if we want to get fit throughout our life.
    Thank you again for this informative blog.


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