Why You Should Take Yoga Anywhere


Why should you take your mat out and about this summer and practice yoga anywhere you go? Top yoga teacher, Andrea Kwiatkowski explains:

Andrea Kwiatkowski, yoga anywhere

Andrea Kwiatkowski

Practice isn’t all about what we do on the mat , it’s how we take it into the world around us.
When we see the vastness of the ocean or practice outside in a garden and look up at the blue sky we can remember for that moment we are all interconnected.
To me this is what yoga is all about: the microcosm in the macrocosm…..
I have lots of favourite places to practice apart from my yoga room at home. Here are just two of them …
Andrea Kwiatkowski, yoga anywhere

In the garden.

outside, beach, Andrea Kwiatkowski, yoga anywhere

On the beach in Norfolk where I like meditating and connecting with nature.

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Andrea Kwiatkowski, yoga anywhere

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