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One of the most game-changing attitudes we can adopt, perhaps more powerful than any other single practice, is adopting an attitude of gratitude.

An attitude of gratitude!

It’s nothing new to us yogis that the body and mind are connected, moving more makes us feel great. This month our theme is on how we can improve our mental health, our attitude, and the whole frame through which we see life, through yogic practices.

And one of the most game-changing attitudes we can adopt, perhaps more powerful than any other single practice, which changes absolutely everything, is adopting an attitude of gratitude.

Movement for Modern Life would like to adopt this attitude of immense gratitude to YOU, our community, and of course to our teachers and the studios and affiliates who spread the word about us.

It’s lovely to grow for the sake of growth and success of course, but even better when we can make a difference. When the Movement becomes a Mission!

Grateful To Be Able To Give

I’m so proud, excited and grateful to be able to support the permaculture project Danyadara, and that thanks to your support for MFML, we were able to donate a wonderful amount to them throughout Earth Month.

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Not only that but some individual Movers also got in touch with me to let me know that you are also donating to Danyadara. So I really am so gratefulto you for that. It really makes the Movement and all the hard work so very very worthwhile.

I love the feeling that we are all working together to help each other keep positive, happy and energised all working towards a goal of lifting each other up. This way we can work together to help the planet too, in the small ways that we can.

I’m just so very grateful to you for your support, and for helping us to help Mother Earth regenerate even through the toughest of times.

With love
Kat and team MFML

>>Yoga for Gratitude>>

Try this blissful flow to move you into gratitude fast! With Leila Sadeghee.

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