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Far from being simply a physical exercise, yoga encompasses a wide range of techniques and practices.   On this page we are building up a range of tutorials to develop and perfect your skills in the yogic arts of pranayama (breathing techniques) With time these practices will serve to deepen and enrich your work on the mat and broaden your outlook on life.


  • Pilates: Mastering Breath & Alignment26:22
    Pilates: Mastering Breath & Alignment

    Vanessa Michielon

    A Pilates workout with the focus on mastering the breath pattern and correct alignment, while we move to improve spine stability and core functionality. This class is suitable for beginners and includes some of the key Pilates movements, including the 100s. We will apply lateral thoracic breathing to a series of abdominal and back exercises, so you can learn how to use your full lungs capacity to practice with more ease and efficiency (and never feel out of breath again). You will need an exercise band, or an old pair of socks!

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