Detoxify, Surrender and Let Go


For our beautiful teacher, Lucy McCarthy, to detoxify is all about surrendering and letting go of that which is no longer serving you.

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Whether that is physical toxins in the body taken on from the food and drink we consume, environmental pollution, products we use on our body or medicines we have had to take. Or whether its emotional toxins we have held onto from old wounds.

Either way I deeply believe that through the practice of yoga, particularly breath led physical asanas (poses) we can help stimulate and speed up the process of letting go of and encouraging toxins to leave the body.

When we breath deeply and sweat, toxins leave the body and help clear the back log. As our digestion is one of the key ways we eliminate excess waste from the body a practice with lots of abdominal stimulation through poses such a twists is a great way to awaken this area.

On a deeper level when we practice and come into contact with the physical tension in our body it can often bring up feelings that have been repressed within our bodies that we then have a chance to release. It’s not unusual for many different old emotions to rise up during our practice from old griefs, to frustration not to mention sometimes repressed joys!

It’s through the practice of staying present when these emotions arise that we have the chance to let go of and detox out these old emotions.

For me, this is why yoga is such a potent and transformational tool in our lives. That it can help us release the backlog of stagnation physically, mentally and emotionally thus creating internal space for new, more positive energies to fill.

When practiced in an embodied way, we find yoga day by day helps us come into greater balance to resolve issues from the past and step deeply into vital health and wellbeing.

So take a moment to stop and ask yourself, what do I need to let go of today that is no longer serving me? How can I have the courage to allow old habits and ways of being to fall away so I can step into my healthiest, happiest potential?

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lucypicThis post was written by Lucy McCarthy (Bruegger), a MFML instructor whose Yoga journey began many years ago on a rooftop in India, and she has never looked back. After studying in India, Lucy trained with Max Strom in America, whom she now assists on his international workshops in London. She teaches Vinyasa flow yoga with significant emphasis on the breath and its healing qualities as well as restorative, pregnancy and hot yoga classes. Find Lucy on Facebook.



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