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If I’d known what I didn’t know I’d never have done it! But as Vidya Heisel explains: ‘If you have a dream, you have to just do it. You dive in and figure out the details later.’


This Earth Month I’ve been highlighting the project Danyadara, seeking to reduce desertification in a drought-prone region and leading the way in showing how one woman can make a massive difference to an issue affecting a third of the earths’ land surface, which is why we’re giving 5% of our revenue this month to the project.

We’ve been showing why the yogic way is to care for the environment, as well as for ourselves and each other. But of course, it’s so easy for all of us to feel disempowered, the problems seem too big for us to do anything about. Which is why it was so amazing to meet one yogini and find out about the difference she’s choosing to make through her actions.

As Vidya said when I asked her about setting up this massive project, on top of the yoga retreat centre Suryalila and on top of her teacher training school, Frog Lotus:

‘If you have a dream, you have to just do it.
You dive in and figure out the details later’.

Which is exactly how I felt about starting MFML – my goodness if I’d have known what I didn’t know I’d never have done it!! I think this is how most pioneers, founders and leaders feel –  after all, if we’re worrying about the detail, we’ll never get anything done!!I do hope you enjoy this little video clip of Vidya and I chatting when she shared her thoughts on courage.

One of the wonders of a regular yoga practice is that it helps us to harness courage and a sense of fearlessness. We have classes of course that help us to do that.

For me courage is one of the most crucial qualities to help us to thrive through life. Not only because we realise our power to change the world, as Vidya did, but a sense of fearlessness, bravery I think makes life first of all, so much more fun. If you’re feeling like an adventurer embarking upon an unknown voyage of your life, how much better to go into that adventure with a sense of optimism and bravery, than anxiety about the unknown?

Because the truth is, life is unknown and unknowable. We will never know what lies around the corner, we will never know what our future self even wants, and we certainly won’t know what others really think of us. Given the unknowns, once we have prepared, we have invested in the health of our mind and bodies, for this journey of life, why not just jump in and enjoy every moment!

Kat Farrants

With love





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