Move into Confidence


  • Mental Reboot08:47
    Mental Reboot

    David Kam

    Get back to focus and mental clarity! The ultimate coffee alternative to stimulate the brains back to focus. Perfect for those who are looking to boost productivity or simply in need of refining your coordination skills. Expect fun co-ordination games that you can do almost anywhere which will make your brain ache!!

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  • Rocket Happy Hour01:06:33
    Rocket Happy Hour

    Katarina Rayburn

    This dynamic vinyasa yoga class is Rocket Yoga class - an energetic and invigorating practice has its roots from Ashtanga vinyasa. Expect something similar to Ashtanga, but with more flight, more variety and perhaps a little more feisty than you'd get from a primary series class. This class is fast moving, after sun salutes you'll have the opportunity to get into crow pose, and then plenty of more advanced postures such as arm balances and inversions but modifications will be given. Linking breath and movement, this dynamic class will leave you with a sense of play, fun and you'll certainly feel it. Come with an open and playful mind; leave your ego behind and don't be afraid to fly or fall! You will need two bricks.

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  • Fire Start The Day Vinyasa Flow39:13
    Fire Start The Day Vinyasa Flow

    Jonelle Lewis

    Get all fired up to start your day with this Vinyasa flow practice. We focus on spinal twists and side bends in this dynamic flow. Its perfect way to get its those bits of the body that can get stuck. You will definitely get a sweat on but feel invigorated and ready to take on what ever your day throws at you. Get your day off to the right start with this feisty vinyasa flow yoga class. Ignite the fire, feel motivated, confident and get active. It's a tough, dynamic vinyasa, but mindfully paced, so that less feisty Movers, who want a warming flow but without the trickier shapes can simply modify and go to childs pose or their chosen alternative when Jonelle flows to places you don't choose to go. Listen to your body! With a focus on the core region you'll feel your inner fire glow. You will need two bricks.

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  • Wake Up & Glow34:53
    Wake Up & Glow

    Kristin Campbell

    Take agency over how you want to feel today and cause an effect on your life. Are you living in reaction to life? It is all too tempting to live up in our heads, entertained by our busy minds only to be reduced to our thoughts. Our thoughts effect our feelings and our feelings cause an affect on our thoughts. We don’t get to choose what happens to us in a day, but we can choose how we react or respond to what is happening. How do you want to feel today? How do you want to influence life today? How do you want to celebrate life today? You are the artist of your day, set yourself up for success by taking agency over how you want to feel today, rather than leaving it up to the outer world to decide for you. This is living from the inside out. “Happiness is an inside job.” – William Arthur Ward Suggested props: 2 same sized blocks – are always my go to for having under my hands to minimize compression in the soft tissues of my hips in some of the lunge shaped poses.

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  • Five Minute Energy Reset04:28
    Five Minute Energy Reset

    Lucy McCarthy

    A quick, powerful shake-up class to shake off stagnant, negative energy. Includes full body shakedown, lions breath, fountain breath. For whenever you feel like you need to change your energy naturally! Perfect to start the day or to take a short break during the day.

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  • Everybody Flows: Megamix01:21:00
    Everybody Flows: Megamix

    Adam Hocke

    This full length and well rounded yoga flow puts together the five-part everybody flows challenge into one mega exploratory practice. You’ll have an extended warm up and savasana, and in the middle you can practice and refine sun salutes and standing poses with a lot of ideas to make them accessible and sustainable. You’ll need a tennis ball or massage ball, a yoga brick and block, two blankets, an eye bag or wash cloth, a bolster or cushion. If you don’t have all these props, feel free to improvise.

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  • Whole Body Awakening29:39
    Whole Body Awakening

    Jean Hall

    If you're short for time, this yoga class is the perfect one for you. This class is a whole body awakening practice that is specifically focused on isolating, activating and mobilising the major joints and muscles in the body. This is a perfect all-rounded class in itself, but can also be used to warm up and prepare the body for dynamic and challenging poses.

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  • Beyond Asana46:40
    Beyond Asana

    David Kam

    This all-round class celebrates free-form movement as ways to spark conversations with your body. This class is an offering of a template and you can journey in your own way, whether that's calming and restorative or dynamic. Sourcing movement from a deeper place of breath towards pleasure. You will venture beyond the conventions of traditional postures through an open level blueprint. Free for you to tailor towards your desired level of intensity from the dynamic to the restorative calm.

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  • Rainbow Vinyasa Yellow(3): Solar Yoga Flow29:08
    Rainbow Vinyasa Yellow(3): Solar Yoga Flow

    Liz Lark

    A perfect morning energiser yoga class. Invigorate with the focus of fire!! This Invigorating vinyasa yoga class starts with breathwork including Kapalbhati breathing. Try some eye yoga, and mudra to centre and clense. Then build tapas (heat and focus), with a creatively sequenced fire practice focusing on backbends, core work and twists.

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  • Transformation Through Tapas01:09:27
    Transformation Through Tapas

    Kristin Campbell

    A strong and empowering, spiritually uplifting, intelligently sequenced, alignment-based Hatha yoga class which will leave you feeling balanced, grounded and calm. With plenty of backbends, as well as balances and twists, this is a wonderful class to explore the full spectrum of a hatha yoga, whilst retaining aligment. Also wrist-free options. You may need a block.

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  • Manage Anxiety(1): Fear Is Excitement Without Breath09:47
    Manage Anxiety(1): Fear Is Excitement Without Breath

    Robin Watkins - Davis

    Learn to manage your anxiety through an easy breathwork sequence. Robin talks us through a three part breathing technique to release fear and anxiety. These techniques can be done at any time you are feeling anxious, you don't need to be seated.

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  • Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series01:09:13
    Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series

    Corrie Ananda

    Due to popular demand, this Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga class is the full Mysore-style primary series class, taught in the traditional way that it is taught in a Mysore class, in sanskrit. Practice breathing and moving to the Sanskrit count of Ashtanga Yoga. This class is for those with a regular Ashtanga Yoga practice. Please note the class does not contain teaching instructions. For instructions please see the beginner classes. It may be appropriate to modify poses with strap, blocks and bricks. Do listen to your body, don’t go further than you are comfortable with.

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  • New Mums Series (2): Motivate Me22:26
    New Mums Series (2): Motivate Me

    Kristi Rodelli

    Get motivated with this yoga class, ideal for mornings, which focuses on the core, upper body and legs with breathwork, core work and standing poses. You'll feel stronger, happier and more motivated. Ideal for post-natal strength or for any of us who like to feel motivated and stronger. You'll need a block and access to a clear wall for shoulder opening variations.

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  • Advanced Splits Flow Sequence01:15:35
    Advanced Splits Flow Sequence

    Sylvia Garcia

    A fiesty, dynamic yoga class suitable for very mobile, strong yogis which works on the splits(hamunasana). This class flows through vinyasas with the focus on rotation, balance, strength and length to split. Expect strong hip opening and plenty of hamstring stretches, as well as glute strengthening. We recommend you do the glute strengthening class alongside this one, as you need strength as well as flexibility to remain strong and healthy.You will need a strap and may need two cork bricks.

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  • Master Of Energy, Master Of Awareness01:04:26
    Master Of Energy, Master Of Awareness

    Leila Sadeghee

    Become a master of energy with this full-length prana-fuelling yoga class. Perfect for when life is challenging and you're looking for a deeper awareness to help you navigate. In these practices we're building a vessel to expand our awareness, so we can engage with life in a vibrantly creative way. This is a luscious and soulful practice that incorporates visualisation with the yoga. With plentiful planks and many long holds, you'll find your core fired up and your strength will be challenge! This is a challenging class but simply do your best to work on your personal power!

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  • Creative Morning Flow33:52
    Creative Morning Flow

    Naomi Absalom

    Start your day the right way with lots of moving, a lot of breathwork, no static holds with plenty of mobility work on the shoulders and feet. Just bring in the breath and an intention of joy and you'll be set to have a fabulous day ahead!

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  • Release Tension29:17
    Release Tension

    Joo Teoh

    A qi gong and yoga fusion sequence to release feelings of being stuck, feeling tense, or just when you’re not in your flow. With some chair variations to make all the practices more accessible, this sequence uses qi gong and yoga to clear out stagnation and shift your tension. A chair can be used in this practice to make the class accessible to all.

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  • Effortless Morning Standing Flow34:43
    Effortless Morning Standing Flow

    Zephyr Wildman

    Connection of life within! A soulfully simple yoga class to honour your path. A simple yoga flow to celebrate the connection of life within you. Starting with sun salutes and then simple standing poses and twists, followed by standing forward folds and ending with squat twists.

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