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This month we’re celebrating Earth Month and we’re giving 5% of our income to project Danyadara (meaning blessed earth) which is re-foresting the land in Southern Spain in an effort to prevent desertification.

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But many folks may wonder what has care for the environment and the animals got to do with yoga? Well, yoga is about breathing and moving and being mindful for sure. But that mindfulness is also about making mindful decisions in life, and knowing the impact, the connection, that every decision has on you and your body, on those around you and on the wider environment.

For Every Action, There’s A Reaction

As the chemists know, for every action, there’s a reaction!! Every smallest action, every single thing we eat and drink makes an impact on the chemistry of our body, and has impacted the world in some way – so being a yogi is about being really conscious, really mindful about those seemingly small decisions, which can have a really big impact both on our own bodies and on the world.

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Ahimsa – Non Violence

The actual yoga precept that this is based on is the ‘yamas’. Yoga is an eight-limbed path, and the postures are only one limb. The first yama is ‘Ahimsa’ which means non-violence or non-harming. And the implication for the environment are huge – no pollution of the rivers or unnecessary cutting of forests, or eroding the soils and denigrating the ecosystem. No use of harmful chemicals or harm to other creatures.

A Yogic Lifestyle

There are of course so many things that us humans have to learn in the realm of just the first yama, and of being mindful about our actions and choices. Check out this blog post on the Yamas and the impact they have on decisions that we make in the world and how they might show us how to have a yogic lifestyle.

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