Five things to Expect in an Acro Yoga Class


AcroYoga – or yoga for two people – is a beautiful way to find friendship, build trust and have fun.  The gorgeous Pip Elysium of AcroYogaDance shares with us five things you can expect when you first go along to an AcroYoga class.

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1. You’ll learn to trust

Trust is what we exchange. Trust plays an integral part of AcroYoga, it is the yoga of trust.  Luckily for us in a class or during a practice there is always a third person to keep things safe.  This is what we call a spotter.  A spotter allows us to try more things outside our comfort zone.

2. AcroYoga is for Everybody

You don’t need to be a acrobat or a yogi to enjoy AcroYoga.  In fact some people have never done yoga before.  AcroYoga is for everybody.  You’ll learn the building blocks to develop the skills needed for AcroYoga during a class.

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3. You’ll learn to communicate what you need

Giving live feedback when attempting a posture or movement is a key ingredient when working with a partner.  You will learn to communicate about what feels good and when it doesn’t.  For example, the base (the person lying on the floor) may need to change their foot placement in order for the posture to find its balance or make you feel more comfortable.

4. You’ll create partnerships

Attending a class by yourself?  You’ll find multiple partners when you arrive!  Unless you have come with a dedicated training partner you will be paired up with someone who is either opposite to what you do or a similar size so that you can learn both roles.  The AcroYoga practice develops your skills to work with a variety of people.

5. There will be laughter

AcroYoga is all about fun, you’ll find lots of games, partner drills and community yoga.  In a class you can find yourself in heaps of laughter, sometimes physically on the floor. Beware, AcroYoga can cause some contagious giggling!

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This post was written by Pip Elysium, a MFML instructor who together with Eugene Butcher forms internationally renowned Acro Yoga Dance.  Book a class with Pip & Eugene or grab a friend and start your AcroYoga experience right now with AcroYogaDance’s Online Classes!

Pip and Eugene are ambassadors for We Are Starseeds and Carrot Banana Peach, two organic, sustainable clothing brands from the UK.

This Photo by Alexander Von Schimpf



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