The Lemon Detox Be Free Fast


Introducing a 1-to-7 day fasting, yoga and mindfulness programme delivered directly to your inbox.  If you’re still searching for a way to kick-start your system and you like to fast, then why not try The Lemon Detox?


Fasting intermittently is now scientifically accepted to boost health markers and reduce the risk of disease. Further benefits include reprogramming negative eating habits, shedding excess weight, eliminating toxins, improving problematic skin and boosting health and wellness.

A long-time favourite of yogis globally, the Lemon Detox can be followed in a variety of ways, from a full fast to a more relaxed version which includes eating a healthy meal a day. It also works well as part of the 5:2 regime (1 glass = 70 calories).

And now, new to its offering is Be Free™ – a 1-7 day home fasting, yoga and mindfulness programme, in collaboration with Yours Truly, Movement for Modern Life and renowned mindfulness activist and author, Susie Pearl.

Since fasting is as much a mental challenge as a physical one, Lemon Detox Be Free™ is designed to help support you on your own home fasting journey and enhance its benefits. It will provide you with all the tools you need to complete your fast successfully. Be Free™ comprises:

  • A fast or calorie restriction programme based on the internationally acclaimed Lemon Detox, mixing the nutrient-rich Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup with lemon juice, water and a pinch of cayenne pepper.
  • A bespoke daily 20-minute yoga session with Lucy McCarthy from Movement for Modern Life (two levels to choose from – beginner & intermediate).
  • Daily affirmations, tips and advice from internationally renowned Wellbeing & Happiness Activist and author, Susie Pearl.


Whether you are doing so for a day or a week, its benefits are well documented and far-reaching Not only will you reset negative physical and mental patterns, your skin will glow, your energy will soar and you will feel on top of the world! Supporting your fast with the Lemon Detox drink gives your body all the nutrients and energy it needs whilst cleansing.


Yoga will aid the detoxification process, with specifically designed sequences to help the body relax and release stored toxins. It’s also great to include a physical work out to release endorphins, which will in turn bolster resolve.


Fasting can mark a shift in your attitudes, emotions and even memories. Happiness activist and acclaimed wellbeing author, Susie Pearl has created bespoke daily affirmations, practical tips and advice to build and support your strength of mind throughout your fast.

The new collaborative Lemon Detox programme is ideal for those wishing to:

  • Follow the Lemon Detox
  • Engage with a home fasting programme
  • Practice a specifically designed daily yoga sequence that complements your fast
  • Lose weight
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Improve skin (particularly good for clearing congested complexion)
  • Break negative dietary and lifestyle habits for the long term
  • Eliminate wastes / toxins
  • Release stored physical & psychological trauma

The Lemon Detox Be Free™ programme is available on the Movement for Modern Life website under Challenges.

Lemon Detox logoThe Lemon Detox Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup is priced £42.99 for a one litre tin and is available from leading health food shops, spas and pharmacies nationwide. For stockist details, please visit







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