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To celebrate The UN’s International Day of Friendship on Monday 30 July, why not grab a friend and take to the local park with your mat (and our App of course – for offline viewing!)

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It’s the time of year to enjoy the joy of connection both with your inner world, on the mat as ever, but also the time to breathe together with your loved ones, to make shapes, fall over and giggle and reconnect with the spaciousness and joy in your friendships as well as in your life.


As my friends will attest to, I’m a die-hard goal and intention-setter. I set intentions about my mission for MFML of course, for my competitive hobby, but also for my personal life. And my goal as we move into the second half of the year and into the height of the summer, is connection. Of retaining great connections with wonderful people, but also of making new connections.

In fact I’m in the process of moving house and one of the reasons for my move is so that I’m closer to like-minded folks. So after five years of working, living and being remote – now is the time for connection. Clearly this is trickier for me than it is for many folks, but it makes me consider that in reality, connections are the most important things in life, and life gets busy, we sometimes forget about the most important things. In the summer, when we have the opportunity to change our perspective and consider the things that really matter, the things to truly prioritise in life – I do believe that friendship and love is the most important.

Summer is a great time for re-connecting with folks who we’re just too busy to see the rest of the year and for making our yoga practice a joyful community experience, even if, like me, you’re usually a solo, at home, kind of practitioner.

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I do hope you’re able to grab a friend this summer and take to your mats together or just enjoying the yoga in everyday togetherness. And if your friend is not yet a subscriber to MFML why not try our refer a friend scheme? You get a month’s subscription credit straight to your account and they’ll get 50% off their first subscription!

With love
Kat and team MFML

It Takes Two!

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