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What’s not to love about seeking the ultimate state of grace, the state of all potential encapsulated in the Mandarin word, wuji?

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This week I wanted to let you know about the Mandarin word for void – it’s Wuji. It’s an interesting concept, it’s the state before everything else, before movement, before yin and yang. It’s the ultimate state of grace and state of all potential. It is the state that we all would benefit from being in, and is also a pose that can be practiced (more on that in the blog here).

The benefitsof the state, and pose of Wuji  are things that I certainly need more of in my life, and I’m sure many folks will relate to. It helps withincreasing focus, gaining strengthin the body, of calming, building healthy bonesand increasing connection.

What’s not to love?!

In fact I love the sound of this state of grace so much that MFML are running a retreat where we can all learn about this.

The teacher we have chosen for the retreat is Sifu Matthew Cohen, an amazing, senior teacherfrom California, an incredibly wise human whose teachings are the Sacred Energy Arts.

“Sacred Energy Arts is a unique, integrated system of health and self development drawing from the teachings of Yoga, Healing, and Martial Arts.”

— Sifu Matthew Cohen

Matthew Cohen

Matthew Cohen

And if you needed any more of an introduction to Matthew, just knowing that he’s our incredible Mimi Kuo-Deemer’s teacher says it all!!

We’re running this retreat on 17 – 19 September, it’s just a short break from your life to retreat into another world, a world of healing, strength, focusand possibilities.

It is just so important to retreat regularly, so we can get perspective and healing to take back to our day to day lives. I think especially if, like me, you mostly practice at home on your own. I try to retreat two to three times a year.

And one of the main reasons I just need to retreat regularly is because Edith, who runs MFML operations, and has to work with me, always says how much happier, more focused she felt me to be, how much more of an inspiring colleague I am and more relaxed and grounded I am, after I retreat. So for the good of others who are around me, I need to retreat!!

I shall be there, along with wonderful Edith and also our camera-man, Dan, who will be capturing the classes for the site.

It would be an honour if you would join us in community on a journey into some really powerful healing energy.


With love
Kat and team MFML

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