Meditation: finding courage

Courage Zephyr Wildman
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Welcome to a special edition of the Movement for Modern Life podcast. Here, we share live meditations from our wonderful team of teachers which were part of our first home yoga retreat. These meditations, dharma talks and Q&A sessions are fantastic tools for supporting us through difficult times. Today, we talk with Zephyr Wildman about courage.

Zephyr is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to yoga philosophy, and is just fantastic at sharing it in an accessible and practical way.

In this podcast, Zephyr gives a summary of the five virtues of yoga, focusing on courage. What does courage look like? How can we be courageous? How can yoga support us in finding and practicing courage? We chat about how we can face challenging times through the lens of yoga philosophy and physical practice, followed by a lovely meditation from Zephyr.

So, we invite you to find a quiet place to spend a few minutes practicing with us. We hope you you find this useful and please do share this with anyone you think would benefit from some positive tools in their toolkit right now.

Do you want to explore Zephyr’s classes? Check out all our classes for FREE for 14 days here:

Find all of Zephyr’s classes here:

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