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In order to fully grasp the power of meditation, the process or idea of meditation has to be put into context with ourselves as the subject and everything or everybody else as the object. This can be thought of as our sense of ‘’I’ or ‘me’ (internal world), in relation to ‘them’ (external world). Most people struggle with the great divide between their internal and their external experiences, which frequently seem to oppose each other, creating a variety of different frictions and contradictions. The main objective of meditation is to manifest balance internally and externally so that the external world is nourished by the internal world and vice versa.

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It has to work both ways, otherwise a lasting harmony and centeredness can’t be sustained. We have a deeply engrained concept of duality, that is the notion of me as the ‘subject’ and everything else as the ‘object’. Whilst this belief holds the upper hand, then the sense of friction will remain. This on-going friction (struggle between internal and external) influences the way we act in life, in the process consuming large amounts of physical and mental energies and ultimately creating stress in the body and agitation in the mind.

However, this continuous friction might take us to a certain turning point in our life where we start asking different questions and search out possible solutions that would enable us to channel our energies and create a balance between our internal and external world of experiences.

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Alex Filmer-Lorch

Alexander Filmer-Lorch guides and facilitates both teachers and students at an international level. His work is a synthesis of 30 years of experience in movement, yogic disciplines & meditation, applied philosophy & eastern psychology, bringing the body, mind and spirit to a natural state of meditative synthesis. He has established an reputation for innovation in developing yoga, meditation and movement-based teaching inspired by the latest scientific research on the body and self-development.


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