Movement Matters with John Scott and Scott Johnson


Forget your preconceptions of Ashtanga Yoga and get to the important stuff with John Scott and Scott Johnson. We met up with this diverting duo at The Yoga Garden Party where they took the time to enlighten us about the true nature of their favourite yoga.

Did you think Ashtanga was all about power poses?

The stigma of ashtanga yoga is that it is very dynamic and physical and very asana bound in a powerful, male strength way.

It is true that it is a very disciplined practice.

But yoga is a discipline; a discipline to train the mind.

Ashtanga does approach this quite vigorously through the body but it is really about a trinity – a trinity of body, breath and mind.

Find the gems beneath the postures!

In yoga there is a relationship with body and with breath and always bringing it back to that point.

John & Scott’s teaching is not about postures but about creating a framework of how to practice and finding a place of vulnerability.

It’s in that place of vulnerability that people are able to open up  and something magical happens.

These are the gems of the practice.

When these gems are passed on, people can begin to actually participate in the class themselves. Not just with the body but with a collective voice and collective minds. The experience is something totally different from what people expect!

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Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.58.15This blog was extracted from an interview with John Scott and Scott Johnson at The Yoga Garden Party.  This fabulous annual charity event raises funds for The Hope Foundation and gives yoga lovers an opportunity to get together and share their practice.



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