Moving Into Commitment


So last week, my theme was discernment. I was urging you to think carefully about the choices you make, and to make good choices for you, those that work well for you, your personality, your lifestyle – and that means letting go of the things that aren’t working for you.


Which means that, now you have let go of those things that don’t serve you in your life, space is created for those things that really do serve you.

I have one motto for my life, it seems harsh, or maybe simple – and I haven’t shared it with you yet. It works for me a dream.

‘Decide what you want to do. Then do it’.

Last week was about the decision-making process. This week is about the doing it. Whatever you choose to accept in your life in 2017, whatever your goals, hopes and dreams – please, attack these goals, whole-heartedly with resolve and a smile. Knowing that you’ve chosen them, actively, it’s time to commit. Commitment has always been a bit of a ‘C-word’ for me. I’m a buffet kind of a person, I like to sample, try things, pick and choose. Well, you know what, you won’t find the depth, you won’t find the gold from the pick n mix of life. So what is it that you’re committing to in 2017? Are you committing to your health? Are you committing to your wellbeing? Are you committing to your life goals and getting closer to reaching them? Are you committing to your dream career? Lifestyle? Relationship? Whatever it is that you commit to, write it down. Be whole hearted.

It irks me when someone tells me that ‘they’re trying’ to do something. Or they’ll try to do it. No, either they do it and fail, or they don’t do it. But trying? I’m just not sure what that is. Isn’t it better to do it and fail rather than try? So don’t be a dabbler – be whole-hearted!

Practice this on the mat. Yoga is the best place for firming your resolve in life. It’s the best place to practice discipline. You want to practice yoga more? So roll out your mat. Do it. Commit to it. So many folks say that they don’t have the discipline, but to be honest, if they can’t commit to rolling out a mat at home – are they committing to anything else that they dream for? So use your yoga as a practice for the discipline, the sure-footed confidence of commitment you’ll need each and every day to reach for and succeed in what you have chosen.

Now run along and be brilliant!

With love
Kat xxx


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