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As you know, I don’t often talk about the ‘Asana’ or the physical shapes of the yoga poses. That’s because, to me, they’re really not very important.

moving mindfully

Instead, what’s important is moving mindfully, making sure our breaths are long and smooth, and that we act like yogis in our day to day lives, living life with great care and consciously. To me, the shape is how it feels on the inside rather than to look or form of it. That’s my personal take on Asana.

But Asana can be empowering…

But I don’t know about you, but I got hooked by yoga all those decades ago, because of the physicality of it. Because the shapes somehow made me feel just wonderful. I found it extraordinary that I could not turn myself upside down, inside out, and balance in ways I had never thought possible. I found that extremely empowering. So it is empowering to know that how we move our body effects so much of how we move in the world.

Now that in the UK the days are starting to get longer and we see a glimmer of spring. It’s a lovely time to start to make shapes on the mat again with a little more intention. I speak to many folks who are foxed by the crow pose. It looks like a tough pose and to those new to yoga it looks almost impossible. But as yogis know, it’s more a question of flying with our Bhandas and feeling strong inside and the rest comes easily.

For those who like a physical challenge, I do hope to see you take us up on this latest challenge. If you sign up for it today, we can all start this tomorrow in the Movers Group and on Instagram, I’d love to see pics of your crows taking flight, or maybe humbly pecking the ground.

moving mindfully

Just remember to never let your ego take flight

There is no yoga competition, and the wonderful thing about practicing at home is that there’s nobody around to mark ‘progress’. Practice with care and with humility, our bodies are so precious we need to make sure that we treasure each move we make, no matter what the look in the external world!!

We challenge you to take flight on the crow challenge this week! If you’re strong and fit and have been practicing for a while, this is for you. If you’re new to yoga or have a limiting condition (like humanity or humility!) you may want to pass this up right now.

We look forward to hearing how you get along!

with love
Kat and team MFML

>>Try The Crow Pose Challenge>>

moving mindfully




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