Moving your way through the January Blues


Maybe it’s just me, but I find January can be a tough month. The fun, the celebrations are over, and it’s now down to the graft. Getting up early for my daily yoga practice is but a very distant thought. It’s chilly! It’s dark! Every ounce of my body screams for more duvet time.

And a lot of yoga is about self-nourishment, looking after yourself and truly adoring yourself in a way which you want anybody else to. So we may take the more ‘nourishing’ option of staying under the duvet and maybe trying a supine tree pose from under the duvet and call it yoga (is it just me that can muster an entire practice from the comfort of my bed? That’s right, start with savasana, maybe move into a supine twist, then supine tree pose, maybe a leg raise or two…and yes, you’ve guessed it, some more savasana).

And I call that my little nourishment on a chilly day. But who am I kidding? Myself, of course. And who and I short-changing? Yep, you guessed it, that’s me then.  What I’m doing is gift-wrapping laziness in a self-love, yogi veneer. What I need? A bit of grit, a massive dose of willpower and some inner strength. And yes, those are muscles of intent which need to be exercised too.

So imagine my surprise one characteristically cold, dark morning in January when I actually treated myself to getting up, turning up the heating and getting going. And not to any of the soft options. No, this was Dylan, of Hot Power Yoga fame. And the Advanced Power Yoga Class at that.

Within a short time I actually was feeling so much joy in my heart from the sheer loveliness of movement that I actually opted to take in the more tricky options, even though less advanced modifications were given. After class what happened? I was actually more productive than i have been since mid-December.  It’s official, this Hot Power Yoga actually makes you think better, feel better, more productive, a truly turbo version of yourself.

Even if you have preconceptions about Power Yoga, or if you don’t know Vinyasa from your Vino, check out the Vinyasa tutorial, and then just get on and do it. Seriously. I know, in theory, that if you Move More, you Live More – but it’s true.

Try it. And then go get ’em!

And have fun with it too – as Dylan says, Yoga isn’t serious anyway.

Kat Farrants (Founder, CEO Movement for Modern Life)

Vinyasa Yoga Pose Tutorial

Advanced Power Yoga Class with Dylan from HPY


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