Keeping Happy and Dropping the Story


I have been told that January is one of the most depressing months. Which is, in and of itself, pretty depressing news. But perhaps as we tell ourselves the story of the January blues, we feel more of the drama of the blues and we could think about changing our minds about the story we tell ourselves.

There are some really simple ways in which January can be one of the happiest months. Here are some things you could try.

Let’s get controversial first. Let us suggest that you don’t join the January detox crowd. If you love a glass of wine and an occasional coffee, perhaps this is the perfect month in which to indulge, but in moderation, so the effect of the cup of coffee or glass of wine with friends is savoured. Really see if you can be in the moment when you are having your wine – really smell it, taste it, enjoy all the flavours and enjoy the great company you are with when you are having your glass. Perhaps use January as a time in which to practice mindful indulgence of the things which may make you happy. I believe that the March/April spring clean is a much better time for a detox. There is more light, so you feel like being lighter, with coming spring and summer there is so much inherently to enjoy, it is so easy to detox from the coffee, wine, meat, or whatever it is that people normally give up in January.

The next thing we suggest to keep you happy is to meet friends. Often people can go through a January ‘hibernation’ after the Christmas rush. Maybe meet up with friends to get out to the yoga studio. or the cinema Or invite them over and have a laugh doing home yoga, which can be even more lighthearted than a studio practice.

Of course, the easiest thing you do to keep the smile on your face is to move. Move more, move more often. Yoga really can help stave the blues away. But don’t confine your movement to yoga. Turn up the music in your living room and dance.

Finally, get out and enjoy that beautiful, fresh winter air in your lungs. Make the most of the few hours of daytime by getting out and about, take a brisk walk, take a run, or take a trip to the countryside. And make the most of the beautiful, often desolate emptiness of nature at this time of year.

We have a range of yoga classes out this week, something for everyone. A tutorial on that most favoured of yoga poses, downward dog –  try the downward facing dog pose tutorial here. We also have released for you this week a short burst of power yoga from Dylan  – just try to do this in the morning and not have a great day. Dare you!

Leila has shared with you a yoga practice especially sequenced to release and relax after a day’s work. Graham shares with you a very beautiful, very short guided relaxation. Try this at night before bed. Or even on the bus on the way to work. Guided relaxation has been shown to improve focus and increase happiness. All new videos can be found on Hot Right Now.


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