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What is it about the lifespan of a human being that allows us to take the simple marvel of being alive so for granted? Lizzie Reumont writes…

point of life

That’s a loaded question, with no one answer. One aspect of being human that is different than our other earthling sisters and brothers is our seemingly long life span. When we are in our teens, twenties and thirties, seventy or eighty years old seems very far away in time. A future as distant as that can fade quickly into a murky background with no real sense of urgency.  For some, there is almost a boredom to the expansiveness of our years. 

When we add to the human’s luxury of time an inflated need for material wealth (we are among the only species on the planet that works for more than mere survival), a treadmill-like scenario can unfold without us even realising it. We wake up, go to work, sleep. Repeat. Years go by.

Day after day, five days a week, sometimes more, we wake to an alarm that reminds us to stand up and go to work, rather than to stand up and take a breath of life. It will continue this way, ad nauseam, until something in us wakes up and decides to rise up to a different reality than the day before.

So what is The Point?

And We Rise and Wakey Wakey are two classes designed for morning practice, to get to the point. So, what is The Point? The point is consciousness; to be present, to celebrate our ability to wake up and start fresh each day, to be available to the magic and mystery inherent to all of life, rather than to get back on the treadmill of mundane murkiness. 

We all need reminders that the small dramas that unfold in our day to day life take us away from the real remembering –  the remembering that life is happening now, exactly how we create it. 

Find Freedom, Creativity and Potential

You see, on the treadmill, we forget about our freedom, our creativity, our potential. On the treadmill, life comes at us and we barely have time to react before the floor is swept up from under us. It sounds scary, and it feels scary when it is happening.

Don’t worry though, here is the part most people miss. None of us are actually on a treadmill without wilfully stepping onto it.  All too often life feels out of our control, like we woke up to this moment, not knowing quite how we got here, when in fact, each of us have created the world we live in. Day after day, we miss the point that it is up to us to rise above the small punches, to take a different perspective ourselves rather than waiting for something or someone to change the direction of our life’s path.

Take Responsibility

Yoga is a practice of self-responsibility. Becoming more independent in our yoga practice, we are more resourced to move inward, becoming dependent on ourselves to take each day as a new opportunity to wake up, to rise up, and to be the change we want to see in the world.

So…set your alarm, and Wake Up! Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

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