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Maybe you, like me, have good intentions. We will create our self-care and moments of calm time. I will try. It’s just that I need to wait for the holidays to be over.

It’s when we say ‘I will try’ that we know that deep, down, there is no commitment, and it may never happen! Wasn’t it yoda who sagely advised us that there is no try? So true! And also, there is no right time. When we get back from our travels and the kids are back at school, when the heatwave is over – all of these things – are not the perfect time to create moments of peace for yourself.

The time is now

There is no other time. Even if it’s hot out there. Even if you’re away on holiday, or your busy at home, or if you’re not going on holiday, or if the kids are driving you crazy. Right now is the only time that there is in the world!!

If you’d like to create moments of tranquility, of peace and calm, now is the time to do it

And now is the time to commit to that as a goal. I can think of no better goal than finding time to find peace in yourself. If you’re able to find moments of tranquility in your heart, chances are that you’re less snappy with people. You’re able to give others the time. You find the bestin every situation – because you’re feeling spacious, happy and calm, you know that everything will be ok and anxiety isn’t a winning strategy.

The Perfect Time To Practice

So even if you feel like now isn’t the perfect time, I hope that, like me, you can see that the madness of summer is the perfect time to practice an outlook, a commitment to yourself, that will see you through the calmer months. The ability to create calm when there’s an external storm is like a muscle and hopefully you’ll find, even just 2 minutes every day, to do so.

We’re loving the Fire Challenge which is just 2 minutes and perfect for summertime madness. And we hope that you’ve tried our very first course with Nikita?

Do let us know how you’re finding your moments of calm on the Movers Group!

With love
Kat and team MFML

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