Sleep Challenge | Day 4


We really hope that you’re starting to feel the benefits of your relaxation time! You’re on Day 4 of your commitment to yourself for the rest of your life.


Remember that habits are tough to form, but also tough to break! So do see if you can commit to making self-care a habit you won’t want to break for the rest of your life!

Day 4: What to do
  • See if you can find a little time to spend sorting out your bedroom.
  • Enjoy your bedtime routine – Gandha Sleep Ritual, yoga and journaling.
  • This evening’s yoga class is a really beautifully peaceful one. You may want to do this with your PJ’s on, teeth brushed and when you’re ready to leap into bed straight after.
  • Check your alarm is set to allow journaling and yoga in the morning.
  • Don’t forget Lucy’s Sleep SOS video for any time you have difficulty falling or asleep or if you wake up in the night.
  • Tell us something you’ve done to make your bedroom more lovely on the FaceBook Movers Group.
  • Don’t worry if you can’t achieve all of this. Love and accept yourself as you are and do your best!
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It’s a proven fact that a cool bed environment leads to better sleep.

Especially for women during their moon time (period), when we can feel so much warmer and less comfortable. If you can, keep a window open – keep the air circulating and keep your cool.

Another great tactic is to take a warm shower or hot bath before bed – as in your Gandha Sleep Ritual. Not only will this help to relax you, but the contrast between the warm bath or shower and your cool bedroom environment will help the sleep onset.

Soft lighting, candles, relaxing music and aromatherapy oils are simple ways to make your bedroom lovely, relaxing and welcoming after your shower.

So keep your cool, keep tidy and stick to your routine – and hopefully you’ll be sleeping well.

With love

Kat and Team MFML


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