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When your throat chakra is in balance, you can express yourself verbally and creatively. Here’s how to nurture your vishuddha chakra and the secret to unlocking it.

The Throat Chakra is your expression, your communication and the way of speaking your truth. It’s the 5th Chakra and associated with the colour blue. It’s related to the element Ether and corresponds to our ability to communicate and speak our truth.

Talking too much, being manipulative, fearful and timid all point to this being out of whack. When it’s in balance, you can express yourself (particularly verbally). It’s another centre of creativity so when we are able to express ourselves well here, it unleashes us in this way. Conditions such as bad necks, thyroid issues, teeth complaints can call be an indication of an imbalance.

If you’re feeling stuck in this area, get singing, go to a kirtan or get chanting. Anything to bring vibration into this area. Find ways to feel comfortable at expressing yourself, for example saying ‘no’ to something when you don’t feel like it, instead of just saying yes to make someone else happy. If you find yourself feelng frustrated when you try to express yourself clearly, or not being able to find the correct words at important points, spend some time journalling what it is you want to say, what you really feel. This invites insight and understanding into your life. Through this practice, you will find the words you keep searching for.

Yoga Practices

Lucy has devised this sequence with lots of neck, shoulder and throat work to ignite your communication skills and ease of self expression.

>>Clarity & Expression: A Yoga Class For The Throat Chakra>>

Questions For Self Enquiry

  1. Can I say no to people without feeling guilty?
  2. Can I communicate my feelings with ease?


What’s Next?

courgette soup

Try this delicious soup to nurture and unlock your throat chakra.

Courgette and Almond Soup

This wonderful combination is super simple to whizz up – enjoy!


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