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Today as we welcome the solstice and all that is balanced and equal in the world, I’m thinking of the Fifth part of our Chakra series, the Throat Chakra, which is all about communication and self-expression. Again, I sometimes find the whole Chakra thing a little stretch of credulity. But when they say that the throat is associated with our clear communication in the world, well, hell yeah – of course it is!

We know when we’re really upset we feel a ‘lump in our throat’? So that means that your Chakra is out of whack. And if you’re a bit nervous, maybe like me, you become overly-chatty.

The Throat Chakra

For me, the work of the throat chakra is to speak your truth. It’s so important that we express how we feel, our needs, and of course express our love and care for others as well as expressing our integrity, our world view, our wisdom and experiences. I think that holding things in even makes us ill!

When communicating, I do try hard to speak truth kindly, express myself clearly and neither over-share nor hold back. Did you hear Maya Angelou’s story about after childhood trauma she couldn’t speak for years? That’s an extreme example of how trauma can block our ability to express yourself.

One thing to help clear our throat chakra is singing. If you can’t say it, sing it! And things that I’m working on with this chakra are releasing my constantly tense neck with plenty of Forrest yoga neck stretches (try Kristi’s Quick Neck Release) and making an actual active pledge to speak up and to speak the truth.

If something needs to be said, I am finding ways to say it. Which is hard for me as I’m pretty repressed like many Brits! So this week travel the line between diplomacy and saying what needs to be said.

With love

Kat and Team MFML



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