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This week I’m absolutely delighted to welcome a brand new teacher to the MFML crew.

Adam Hocke

Adam Hocke

As you know, I’m ludicrously picky about choosing new teachers to our team – my aim isn’t to have the most on the site, but only the very best. And I love teachers who really complement one another, so that we have those who are teaching in a complementary way, not just a random mish-mash!

Someone who truly lives their practice

Now I got to know Adam Hocke, our newest teacher, when he was quite new to London, now 8 years ago, but when he had already been teaching for years. He struck me as an immensely talented and focused teacher, someone who truly lives their practice and teaches their experience.

A Beginner’s Mindset

That is my main requirement of a teacher – that they teach their own wisdom and they continue their learning as a student. When teachers say to me that they’re ‘teachers so they don’t practice’, or that they don’t need to learn, then that’s a big ‘no’ to teaching on MFML. I feel it’s always good to have a beginner’s mindset and be ready to learn. We all have so much to learn from one another I love being a perpetual beginner in my practice and in life.

A Down to Earth Vinyasa Flow

I do hope you enjoy Adam’s first class on the site and are as excited about the rest of them being released as we are (watch out for them over the next few weeks!) He’s a really down to earth vinyasa flow teacher who loves restorative too. This first class is perfect for a (re)-introduction to the mat if you’ve been slacking over the summer.

Adam Hocke

>>Morning Reset Flow with Adam Hocke

Counter A Busy Mindset

And maybe you’d like to head over to Youtube and check out our little chat we had over a cuppa when he came to mine for the filming day. I can so relate to his busy New Yorker mindset, I feel just like that! When folks who know me express surprise that I’m basically a very uptight, anxious person who does yoga, I just say, blimey, imagine what I’d be like without it!!!

with love

Kat Farrants | Founder, MFML



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