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8 Ways Our Cellular Renewal Online Retreat Will Help You Transform


8 ways our Cellular Renewal Online Retreat will help you transform

Christmas may be long gone, but are your cells still feeling full of stuffing? Yep, we know the feeling.

When we feel sluggish, there’s one thing that always works – a retreat. Seven days of meditation, yoga, delicious, energising food and wellbeing advice – not forgetting the support of other retreaters too – is a sure fire way to get us humming again. And boy do we love it when people say, ‘You look like a new person’.

Well this year, we’re bringing the retreat to you. The Movement For Modern Life Cellular Renewal Online Retreat is about cleansing, nourishing and restoring your body and mind on a cellular level, so you feel energised, revitalised and ready to tackle 2015.

We’ve brought together some of the top minds in wellness to deliver everything you need for true transformation. And the benefits are big. Read on.

8 reasons to retreat with us

1. The planning

No need to book flights and pack. We’ve planned everything for you. Menus and shopping lists – done. A daily intention-setting, meditation and yoga practice – just press play. And 360-degree support from us and a band of other Cellular Renewers – of course.

2. The food

We’ve teamed up with Better Raw to provide a seven-day menu of light, nourishing easy-to-prepare raw food meals. With an abundance of healthy, nutrient and enzyme-rich meals and without processed foods, sugar and caffeine that taxes your system, your cells can really get their glow on.

3. The practice

As you know, with Movement for Modern Life, the best teachers are your teachers. Stellar teacher and healing expert Lizzie Reumont will be leading meditation, intention-setting and daily yoga, and there’s alternative practices from a host of other MFML stars too.

4. The breath

Breathing is one of the only activities we do both consciously and unconsciously. And a deep, conscious breath is one of the most powerful practices we can cultivate – supporting you in every area of your life. It’s also a pillar of the Cellular Renewal Online Retreat.

5. The thoughts

Like any great retreat, we’re going deeper than the body, giving you the support you need to detoxify your thoughts too. Through guided meditation and wellbeing practices, you can begin to let go of negative self chat and embrace kinder and altogether cooler thoughts.

6. The motivation

When it comes to cleansing, one of the hardest things to deal with is that self-sabotaging niggle inside your head. The one that doesn’t want you to succeed. That tells you how much easier it’ll be if you quit. That’s why, during every day of the retreat, you’ll have the support of our experts and the whole Cellular Renewal gang.

7. The extras

We can’t promise room service, but can promise the little things to really make your retreat special. There’s discounts on premium discount supplements, live Q&As with our experts, and daily holistic wellbeing advice from Merran to help you take Cellular Renewal into every area of your life.

8. The future

At the end of seven days, when your body and mind is buzzing down to every last cell and you’re ready to take on the world, you’ll have a choice. Return to old, unhealthy habits, or wrap up everything you’ve learned, your new routine, and ways of thinking and eating, and take it with you on your journey into 2015. This could be the first week of the rest of your life.

So, from diet to de-stressing and sleep to self-confidence, our Cellular Renewal Online Retreat is the beginning of a journey to a healthier, happier 2015. It’s your ticket to transformation.

The fun begins Monday 19th January. What are you waiting for?

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