Ep 16: On getting older and letting go

Vera - letting go
Yoga Off The Mat - The Movement For Modern Life Podcast
Yoga Off The Mat - The Movement For Modern Life Podcast
Kat Farrants

Kat Farrants, founder and CEO of Movement For Modern Life, talks with experts in different fields and looks at them from the point of view of a yogic lifestyle. With her discoveries, we learn how to take our Yoga practice off the mat and live a happy, healthy, sustainable life.

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LET IT GO! Getting older is something we all think about, and maybe even get anxious about, but age does not have to limit us. In Episode 16 of Champions of Change, we look at how the inspiration between mother and daughter has transformed the life of 78-year-old Vera Farrants.

Vera is the mother of Movement for Modern Life founder, Kat, and though she only recently came to yoga at the age of 73, she doesn’t see that as a bad thing. Instead, the older you are, the more you can benefit. In fact, her practice has not only helped her physically, but transformed her attitude to and outlook on life, and taught her the importance of letting go.

There are certain difficulties which come with age, but we must not put ourselves into a “little old box”. For many, the ageing process can feel like a limitation rather than an opportunity, so it’s time to flip that assumption on its head. After a long and successful career, working hard and travelling, it became clear Vera had not been looking after herself physically. A stint with a personal trainer didn’t quite hit the spot, so after talking with Kat, she took yoga classes in her home, then started going on retreats. Physically, her practice has impacted the osteoporosis in her body, improved lower back pain and developed her strength and mobility (she can even do crow pose)!

But, it was the philosophy of yoga which has really taken hold in her life, and has instigated a radical transformation. How many of us never let it go? Where once Vera thought holding on to the past made her stronger, she now sees yoga as an outlet to logically and calmly address her issues and let the past be. Age is no barrier to learning new ways of living; you can be active, you can be creative, you can give and you can be kind to yourself.

In this episode, Vera talks about her increased self awareness, reflects on the challenges of motherhood and explains just what makes the yoga community so special. Her advice to anyone who thinks they are too old for yoga? Do not limit yourself; “grasp the moment and the beauties of life, enjoy everything around you, notice it.” But above all, you are never too old to be a student, so do not fear the mat, “if you do an hour of yoga, you feel so good, so happy.”

Kat and Vera chat about…

How Vera came to yoga (4:50)
  • The search for something more challenging and the ‘yoga spirit’
Letting go (6:05)
  • How deeply moving the philosophy of yoga can be and the impact Andrea Kwiatkowski had on Vera and her ‘letting go’ mantra
  • Yoga is an outlet for calmly and logically addressing issues
  • It’s not always easy: why is meditation and savasana so hard?
  • “It does you more harm if you’re destructive about a thought than if you just give way and just let it wash over you”
Laughing at yourself (12:36)
  • “If I can’t do it, I just laugh at myself”
  • What is it about Jonelle Lewis and Zephyr Wildman that make them Vera’s favourite teachers?
Age and Osteoporosis (15:20)
  • Learn how Vera’s philosophy about aging helps her increase her bone density: “our bodies are able to do things if we practice and continue trying”
  • Hamstring exercises to support the back
The Yoga Community (21:25)
  • “It’s very special and very giving, very pleasant to be with as it’s not competitive”
  • Adam Hocke’s classes make Vera laugh and enjoy her practice without taking it too seriously
Lower Back Pain (22:25)
Self Awareness and Motherhood (23:10)
  • If you want to know more about how to get older gracefully, don’t miss Vera’s comments on self-awareness
  • Motherhood is the most difficult job of all. “Follow what you think is best for you” and our children will blossom
  • Yoga does help with moments of stress, overwhelm and anxiety
The Fact You’re Not Too Old! (30:40)
  • If you’re healthy and able, don’t limit yourself, “don’t put yourself into a little old box”, you’re not too old to get active and healthy
The Joy of Life (35:10)
  • “I am energetic because I love my life, “ does this energy come from food or a gratitude practice?
  • Don’t miss Vera’s final words of advice on finding joy in life

Do you want to experience the exercises that Vera mentioned in this episode? Enjoy Andrea’s classes (and all other classes) for FREE for 14 days here: https://movementformodernlife.com/chooseplan


6 thoughts on “Ep 16: On getting older and letting go

    1. Kat

      Aw thanks Louise!! So appreciate your kind comments Kat xx (and again, if you wanted to give us a review on iTunes, that really would be wonderful!)

  1. Kate Sharman

    Loved this podcast & all the messages in it – total inspiration on so many levels. What an amazing Mother and Daughter team. I am hoping I will properly improve my ability to Let it Go, plus I will try Andrea’s hamstring exercises first thing tomorrow and thereafter on a regular basis.. Vera, you are such a wonderful Ambassador for joie de vivre & the fact that age does not have to limit us. Utterly fabulous. Thank you MFML

    1. Kat

      Aw Kate thank you so very, very much. And yes, isn’t she such an ambassador for joie de vivre. I love that!! Thanks Kate and see you on retreat soon Katxx (oh and if you wouldn’t mind just posting an iTunes review I really would so appreciate that!!)

  2. Caroline Reynolds

    I loved listening to this! So inspiring. I’ve just come out of about 10 years of depression and turned 60 last year. I started doing yoga when l was 18 and have never had a very consistent practice, but never given it up.
    I have been looking for an older woman’s point of view to inspire me to move forward, get fit and stay healthy. We hear so much from younger women and as one ages, one needs to hear from someone who is in our shoes as it were.
    I feel so much better now my black cloud has lifted. I want to revitalise my practice and l’m going to try Andreas classes.
    Thank you so much Kat and especially Vera x

    1. Kat

      Aw thanks so very, very much, Caroline. You’re spot on – there are so few older women’s voices and it’s so inspiring to hear mum’s thoughts isn’t it? I must say, even as her daughter, I honestly find mum so inspiring and on days I struggle to get on the mat, I’m reminded of her words. Thanks Caroline for taking the time to reply Kat xx (oh and if you wouldn’t mind, please please do head over to iTunes and give us a review so that other people can find it!!) xx


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