Five Steps to Lasting Transformation by Lizzie Reumont


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At this time of year there’s a lot of emphasis on ‘starting the year on the right foot’; putting those New Year’s resolutions into action, whatever they may be. More often than not, that includes losing weight, getting into shape or eating more healthfully.

Oftentimes, even when we start out with the best intentions, little by little our habit patterns kick in and we find ourselves right back where we started. Life takes over. Either the effort involved is too time intensive, the changes required seem too extreme, or it turns out that complaining about things the way they are is good enough.

When the body-mind feels toxic and heavy, it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees and transformation can seem impossible – not unlike climbing Mt. Everest. This is the moment to slow down and simplify. Most of the time, making lasting change means doing less, not more.

Here are my five steps to lasting transformation

Change what, you might ask? Start simple, but be bold. What is the one thing preventing you from feeling your best? Write it down, and turn the statement from a negative obstacle, to a positive proclamation.

No one becomes healthy or unhealthy overnight, but rather, our habit patterns build up over time and then define how we feel. Choose one thing to commit to changing daily. Make it small and manageable – change comes with consistency. Ideas: take the stairs instead of the lift, stop putting sugar in your coffee or go to bed 15 minutes earlier.

Become aware of the choices you make, and why. What’s most important to you about fulfilling your goal? What seems to get in the way? Begin to recognise the patterns to your successes and failures. Before we can change our behaviour must come the awareness of what isn’t working.

We become the messages we hear. Everyone needs positive support to undergo positive change. Create your own support system by feeding yourself the same messages you use to encourage others on their journeys. Kindness breeds kindness, and optimism breeds strength.

Even on the days when your enthusiasm wanes, stick with it. Imagine that person you intend to become, and practice being them. Fake it till you make it. Roll out your yoga mat even when you’d rather have a lie in. Contact a friend and let them know you need a nudge. A little push can go a long way.

Lasting transformation is largely about retraining the mind and body from one behaviour pattern to another. With a regular mindfulness practice and a balanced, healthy lifestyle, over time the toxic foods once craved taste, well, toxic! Whatever choices you make, choose to enjoy the journey. Your positive attitude is the best vehicle out there for travel!

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