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Finding Freedom can be something like finding the meaning of life. Can we tempt you to break free from the confines of your yoga practice as you know it?


What does freedom mean to you? Finding Freedom in life, can be something like finding the meaning of life, it’s something we all try for, and who knows who can find real freedom, or what freedom means. And no more so than in our yoga practice.

For the first few years of my yoga practice, I felt it was nothing short of miraculous. Yoga gave my body and mind a feeling of lightness, freedom, health and spaciousness that I’d never experienced before.

Yoga does make me feel happier and more energised and really does bring a brighter, lighter quality to my days.

It is funny, it takes years to get the hardest muscle in the body to work properly, that muscle is discipline. Once that muscle is working, we learn to roll out our mats at home every morning, or every evening, or whenever we can, and we diligently realise that our freedom is found within that rectangular space in our living rooms.

But the shapes and the structure of yoga are structured. After a few decades of the practice, the shapes can seem just a bit, well, linear. We realise that sometimes yes, we feel freedom when we make the shapes, but tension can creep in with all those straight lines.

“Like a drunk in the midnight choir, I have tried, in my way, to be free.” – Leonard Cohen

It makes me question, what is yoga, what is the best form of movement for my body, and what is freedom, anyway?! And like Leonard Cohen, I’m not sure that my attempts at freedom are always spot on, but I sure do try.

We have a new challenge if you are tempted to break free from the confines of your yoga practice as you know it, and you want to see what life is like on the other side. It’s with Dan Peppiatt, our favourite teacher for freeing us from the limitations of our mind and body, and this challenge is certainly only one for the those of us who enjoy something a little different.

I do  hope that you enjoy! I’ll be doing the challenge on the Movers Group and would love for you to join the group if you’re not already a member and ask Dan about the practice and the challenge, and we can compare notes with how we get along.

with love, Kat

>>Try the Finding Freedom Challenge>>




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