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This week I was given the very best gift that anyone has ever given me. I’ve been lucky enough to have been on the receiving end of many gifts including extremely beautiful and expensive jewellery. Of love, of friendship, of laughter. All of these are gifts which I shall love and cherish forever.


But this weekend I was given a gift I’ve never been given before. The gift of confidence and support. When someone you really admire says ‘yay, you’re on the right track, you’re doing brilliant and what’s more, I believe in you and you’re going to go on to do amazing things’. It made me feel more precious than I’ve ever felt. It’s given me a new level of self-belief, self-confidence that I’ve never felt before. And now, I just want to prove that person right. More than anything. I want to work hard, night and day. I want to do everything possible in my power to succeed in doing what they say I can do. As my gift back to them.

It’s made me ponder – I wonder if I have ever made anyone feel this way? Have I ever given this kind of gift?  If I had the power to make someone feel this way, why wouldn’t I? If you’re a coach, a teacher, an instructor a trainer, a mentor, a facilitator, a parent, a grandparent, a yoga teacher or a friend to anyone, let this be your mission. See if you can give them this most extraordinary gift of self belief. Believe in them from your heart of hearts. You will be giving them the most lavish gift they can ever receive.

And then give that gift back to yourself.

And know that, you are, because they are.

And that is yoga, my friends.

with love

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