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This Friday it’s World Sleep Day. That’s the day where the importance of getting a good night’s rest is promoted.

Getting a full night sleep is of such importance, we all know how terrible we feel after a bad night’s sleep – but did you know that getting your full 8 hours is important for so many other reasons too?

Getting a good nights’ rest…
  • Helps to repair the body’s cells, fight disease and infection
  • Helps us to increase focus and productivity
  • Makes us kinder and more tolerant to others
  • Makes us brainier
  • Improves our leadership (boss-like!) qualities

Check out my other blog post for more info about that!

Our Big Sleep Challenge

So in advance of World Sleep Day, I’m going to be doing the Sleep Challenge all this week (and posting about it on our Movers Group). It’s a challenge where we give you daily hints and tips of things which will improve your (sleep) performance in bed and of course you’ll be getting our daily evening yoga class, as well as our wakey-wakey suggested classes.

If you’re like me and you end up absolutely exhausted by the end of the day, feeling powerless unable to move and sucked into the sofa, this challenge is for us!

The sleep well classes are so helpful. Our part is to drag ourselves off the sofa, switch off the TV, put on some lovely music and PJ’s and get yourself cozy and in the right frame of mind for the best nights’ sleep ever. It does take determination to get off that sofa, especially when we’re so very tired – but I promise, you’ll get a better night’s sleep for it and wake up fresher and more likely to do your morning class.

It’s a virtuous circle

You get off the sofa, do 20 minutes of relaxing yoga before bed, drop off to sleep, get a great night’s sleep, practice a short class in the morning, have a fabulously productive and feel-good day, so you’re ready to start again!!

>>Start Sleep Challenge>>

Sweet dreams
Kat and team MFML

world sleep day

Or Try This…world sleep day

A wonderful class to do before bed to calm and relax yourself to prepare for a deep, healthy sleep.
>>Watch class now>>


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