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This week we’re celebrating women in everything they do before International Women’s Day celebrating women’s achievement. Interestingly, March 8th is also known as UN Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

mothers day
I find it lovely that women’s power is associated with peace. Of course, we all know women in our lives who can be more like the Hindu goddess Kali the destroyer rather than the peaceful and mild Christian Mother Mary figure. But it’s lovely to me that women are associated with peace, the very most important quality for all of us humans to celebrate.

I also love to celebrate the women who are making things happen on a daily basis for all of us – the nurses, the teachers, the mums, the carers – who’s work isn’t recognised in society as ‘high performing’, or ‘successful’ or ‘achieving’, even though these are the folks who are knitting together the whole fabric of society!

One of the strange things to me is that nowadays, in the west, yoga is most popular with women, but it seems to have been devised by men, with often less regard for women’s bodies, and the very big yoga studios are usually owned by men.  I’d love it if more women were to step up, take the risk and start studios and yoga businesses. There are some amazing ones we love and want to celebrate – such as Thaxted Studio in Essex, Flow in Kent and the Life Centre in London. Some of my favourite brands of yoga clothing are women-owned companies – Shanti Sundays and Asquith Clothing. So it’s nice to have a day to recognise the sometimes huge hurdles that women need to overcome to start businesses against all the odds.

I also love to celebrate women’s experiences during yoga practices. If you haven’t checked them out before, did you know we have a woman’s health section? Women’s bodies do go through so many changes throughout our lives, it’s great to know that our yoga practice is there to support us whatever we’re experiencing.

mothers day

If you’re looking for a Mother’s day present, perhaps consider an MFML gift subscription and support this women-owned business and support your Mum’s health too. So many mums of all generations really love the site, from new mums unable to get to class with their babies, to more experienced mums who like our classes for limited mobility, and we have plenty of more experienced advanced yoga women practitioners who get so much from being able to practice in the comfort of their own home.

I do apologise to you guys for not celebrating you this week, but I  hope that you understand that this week it’s nice to take time to think of your sisters, mothers and daughters and support women and give them some extra love this week.

with love
Kat and team MFML

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