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What are your happiness habits? It’s the International Day of Happiness on 20 March. This year’s theme of ‘Sharing Happiness’ is something that struck a chord amongst the team at MFML.  We share our happiness hacks and classes to put you squarely in the happiness zone

happiness habits

The team at MFML believes that being happy is a habit and we wanted to share our happiness habits with you and would love to hear how you share happiness with those around you.  We believe that happiness comes from the small, sustainable actions and acts of kindness that enrich our lives.  Why not share your happiness hacks with us?

Kat Farrants

“There’s no way you can be anxious and grateful at the same time.  Taking time to remember the good things in life, fills me with happiness.I keep a gratitude journal and I’ll note three things in the morning and three things at night, and I find that I have a lot more to be grateful for each day.  I also encourage everyone to hang out with dogs. Dogs are just so present and my dogs remind me to be present and when I’m present, I’m certainly not worrying about the past or the future but am firmly rooted to this moment and to keeping happiness. In fact, dogs and other experts at sharing happiness.”   You can explore your animal nature 

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Rakhee Jasani

“Spread good will and loving kindness.  I remember finding myself on quite a crowded train one day without my book and my phone and I had no choice, but be present and look around. I noticed an old man with a limp but with twinkly, blue eyes; the tired-looking mother with all the patience in the world for her child; I noticed the old, the young, the energetic, the weary and I noticed, how very human everyone was and I began to wish them well. I wished them well with whatever they were facing, the good or the challenging and by the time I got to my stop, I was welling over with joy.  This has become my happiness practice now even when my other shortcut to happiness, a good book, is with me!”  Developing feelings of loving kindness are part of beautiful yoga and meditation practices and are great happiness habits to adopt.  

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happiness habits

Emma Brown

“Taking a day without complaining is a simple way to grow our happiness.  Having lived all round the world, I noticed that there are places and people it is easier to be around simply because there is no custom or habit of complaining.  It’s easy to use a complaint as a way of relating to other people, whether it’s about the weather or about public transport, but I’ve found that I feel so much happier if I find a different, more positive way to relate to others.  I know that since I’ve deliberately taken days without complaining, I’ve felt happier and I’m sure that others have too!”  Start your day in the right frame of mind with this morning class from Andrew McGonigle

Hannah Keywood

“Positivity is the foundation for happiness It’s been said before, but ‘fake it, till you make it!’ I know that being positive, smiling and being enthusiastic means that these qualities are reflected straight back at me. And being positive about things, makes me feel happier too.” Moving is a great way to feel more positive.  

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happiness habits

Jodie Nolan

“My happiness habit is to go for a long walk.  Take yourself out, into nature for an hour and literally give yourself some time and space. You will feel happier and things will settle.  I do this all the time, whatever the weather both inside and out, and it really makes me feel happy.”  Our teacher Mimi Kuo-Deemer brings the nature inside with a beautiful meditation on the elements.

Hannah Marsh

“Re-read a well-loved book. Bookworms among you will know what I mean when I say there are books you know so well, you feel like they live on inside you. They’re part of your everyday manual for navigating life. When I’m feeling lost, or overwhelmed, I like to take a well-thumbed favourite off the shelf and bury myself in it for the zillionth time, greeting old friends and going on familiar adventures – and surprising myself with the details I’ve previously not noticed or forgotten. As I change, they change too, and I notice different narratives. It always leaves me feeling happier.  Another thing, I like to do is to share a meal. With a partner, with a friend, with a family member. Whether it’s one you’ve lovingly prepared, or er, lovingly ordered in, there’s nothing like sharing food among companions to lift the spirits.”   Sharing yoga is definitely one of our happiness habits.

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