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If there is anything right now that you are working to perform, we have something that can really help you move into your best performance yet.

Last week was a really busy one for me, something that not many of you might know is that I compete in a sport, it’s a little-known one, and is very similar to dressage with horses. The sport is competitive obedience, and last week were the championships, which I competed at with my gorgeous dog, Shanti.

But something that is a bit better known, is that I’m an anxious person. I practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness to reduce my anxiety and the stress that I feel in many situations, and I’ve found it to be so helpful – which is why I’m always so keen to show the emotional benefits of a daily practice, and the physical for me is just less important.

My anxiety really peaks when I’m attempting to perform at my best

My anxiety really peaks during times of performance – be it during a really important meeting or job interview (in the past!),  when I’m doing videos, or when I’m dating – but especially during competition!! It peaks when I’m attempting to perform at my best.

So, as ever with MFML, I come up with courses, themes and classes which are personally help me. To prepare myself to manage my nerves and anxiety for the championships, to help me to sleep in the nights before the event and to help me to relax, so that I could perform at my best, I  came up with the Perform at your best challenge

Perform at your Best is a series of 11 different classes with different techniques to help you to relax into your best ever performance.

Helping you to fully enjoy your performance

The techniques vary from confidence building power poses with Lucy, to visualisation techniques with Robin, to sleep with Max Strom. There can be nothing more powerful than having prepared, trained and readied yourself in every way for a big event,  to feeling relaxed and enjoying every moment of your performance.

Going from heart-racing, sweating, bundle of nerves – to taking control of the platform, breathing deeply and fully enjoying.

If there is anything right now that you are working to perform – from negotiating your salary, to a presentation, public speaking or job interview – do let us know in the Movers Group how you get along!

With love
Kat and Team MFML

Perform At Your Best Challenge


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