How to Get Back Into Yoga

how to get back into yoga

We all know yoga is good for us. We never regret getting on our mat and doing a yoga practice, right? But how to get back into yoga after time off? Read on for six ways tips for getting back to the yoga mat.

It is normal (especially over summer) for our routine to go astray! Life can get in the way, or (sometimes) the sunshine. It can even be healthy to take a little time off if we need time to rest, especially from injury or illness. The challenge, and the magic, is returning to the mat and getting back into yoga after time out of routine, time and time again. This makes yoga a lifestyle rather than just a temporary fad, the practice is something to return to again and again. 

We know it can be hard to be re-motivated and find inspiration to get back to the mat, so here we have six ways to help you get back into yoga! 

get back to the mat for yoga

Want to know how to get back into yoga? Here are six ways to get back to the mat!

1. Get motivated from remembering how good it feels to practice yoga!

The best thing to do when it feels difficult to start again is to remember how you feel when you DO practice yoga. This feeling is a great way to motivate us to get back into yoga again. 

HOW? A great way to remember how we feel after practising is to take time before and after a yoga class to tune into our feelings. This way we can see the effect yoga is having on how we feel. Try taking 2-5 minutes before and after practising to journal and reflect on how you feel. 

2. Sign up for an accountability buddy!

Find it difficult to self-motivate? This is TOTALLY normal! Especially when we are practising yoga at home it can be challenging to feel accountable to anyone and easier to find excuses or potter around the house avoiding the yoga mat. A great option to help find the motivation and actually be accountable is getting an accountability buddy!

This is a yoga buddy who is also a Movement for Modern Life subscriber (we can pair you up if you register here) and you simply check in with each other and see how their yoga practice is going. It’s a great way to share recommendations, have someone to applause you, and maybe make a new yoga friend too!

3. Practice live on Zoom with the community

Ok we also hear that sometimes the best this is actually having a ‘live’ practice to show up to. This is REALLY making us accountable. Having something in the schedule when a teacher is actually there waiting for us to show up can really make a difference.

If this works better for you try and sign up for our live morning yoga classes. Starting from 25th September we are helping you to get back into yoga with a weekly live yoga class. Roll out of bed, come in your pyjamas, but most importantly just show up. 

4. Set yourself up for success!

We did say pyjamas!! We are all for practising in our pyjamas. This is one of the BEST things about practising at home. The message here is to keep is easy for yourself. Life is hard, and showing up to our yoga mat does not need to be another hard thing to add into that hard life! 

HOW? We suggest setting up the space and yoga mat the night before. This way it is out there waiting for you. Show up in your pyjamas, no need to even think about clothes, let alone lycra! The idea is to just simply show up. This is truly how to get back into yoga. Just get back into yoga! 

5. Don’t judge!

Easier said than done! But really don’t expect yourself to pick right up where you left off and go easy on yourself. Meet yourself where you are at and take baby steps.

Remember the tortoise wins the race going slow and steady. Be kind as you observe where you are and what you need and know that one baby step is all that is takes to get back to the yoga mat.

6. Try the ‘Get Back into Yoga’ Course

get back to the mat for yoga

Finally, for a little more inspiration and motivation, sign up for our ‘get back into yoga’ course for daily short (less than 30 minute) classes. This means a class arrives into your inbox each morning with a class designed to specifically help rebuilding routine and encouraging a daily yoga practice. 

Let us know how you get on either in the comments section below or on the Movers facebook page!

Written by Joanna Gilbert – Joanna originally trained in Frog Lotus Vinyasa Flow with Vidya Heisel in 2015. Since then she has been discovering new ways to connect to her body. Joanna is passionate about combining mindful-movement, with play, and self exploration.

When not playing she can be found working behind the scenes with MFML as the chief Happiness and Wordsmith Maven!


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