Kat’s Online Yoga Retreat Part 3: The Online Retreat Commences

Query – when faced with literally 25 of the best teachers teaching inspiring, challenging, fun sequences – how to choose which one? And we’re a pretty mixed group. My mum – aged 75 (sorry Mum!) but fit as a fiddle, my sister, a Qi Gong fiend – not a full-time yogi by any stretch of the imagination. And me – a yogi fan of the highest order, but equally in love with so many practices which have served me so well over the years…So where to start?Well, we thought that Julie Andrews had a jolly good point… we started from the beginning. And with a beginners practice to get us all moving, laughing, stretching and shaking. Thanks, Leila for your Easy Hips sequence. Awesome for desk-bound bods to release.And in the evening? We chose a Jivamukti class with Emma Henry. Much to my mum’s hilarity. That was tough! An hour of giggling. Tell you what, the fun thing about eh online retreat is that you really don’t need to be serious about this yoga business.And the next day? We started on a Lizzie Jivamukti class (that day we only wanted half an hour before our pangs for breakfast kicked in..) – and in the evening the yoga teacher teaching the live retreat kindly invited us to partake in her yin/yoga nidra class. I can rarely turn down a good yoga nidra. The secret to it all, in my humble opinon. Thanks, Jenn Cordelle for letting us join in!The following morning, I went for Jenn’s live class, as I do love a real life class, but Mum and sister followed Kate Walkers’s third stepping stones to practice (link). Mum just loves Kate Walker’s online classes. Funny, she refers to the teachers on the site as if they were her best friends (‘oh and when Katie says balance, I know she means….’ – really mum?!).

And then in the evning – we fancied something a bit more advanced, our bodies relaxed and loosened, so we all watched Kristi’s live Forrest class, filmed at Indaba. Surreal, watching a London yoga class with the sun setting over the mountains in the background. To be honest, this was best of all worlds for me! And at dinner we all chatted about how we’d love to go on retreat with Kristi. IMG_2813[5]

The last morning before our flight – we all just wanted to keep moving and in our love of Kristi, we did her core class. After which we, lovingly, loved her slightly less… 


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