Kat’s picks of 2021


Our fabulous founder Kat Farrants shares the practices, classes and courses that have supported her through the year. Read on for Kat’s picks and let us know what’s kept you going this year.

Kat’s Picks

This year has been tumultuous for me, like it has for many people. I’ve found that my yoga practice has been a combination of deeply nurturing, restful and supportive practices, combined with invigorating, energising yoga classes, barre classes and workouts.

This year has seen me come down with stress and peri-menopause related symptoms (sickness, migraines) which has forced me to find slower practices and really turn inwards with yin yoga. I’ve had a tricky year for my personal life too, which has forced me to take a deeper look inwards and re-evaluate my life.

The very inward-looking practices, courses and teachers which have really helped me to get through a tricky year are:

Dan Peppiatt’s Meditation course and Breathwork Course.
Kat's picks of 2021

These have really been an utter game-changer for me. Soothing breathwork on a regular basis, and a regular meditation practice has really seen me through the tricky times this year. Dan is running another meditation course in January, which is a weekly group running for 10 weeks to support each other to practice meditation for 10 minutes daily. I can’t wait for that one, I know that it will really solidify my learnings from last year.


Our lovely sense of community has really helped me to survive, and possibly even thrive through the highs and lows of the year. I’ve been so, so grateful to have been joined by such wonderful people on our live online yoga retreats. I just can’t wait for our live January yoga retreat with Sally and Ava! Featuring 10 hours of yoga, it’s such a beautiful, immersive and very transformational way to start the year.

Yoga Nidra

I’ve really been enjoying Yoga Nidra practices, and again and again have been enjoying doing Zephyr’s Yoga Nidra. I’ve always said that yoga nidra is my real ‘secret’ and it truly is the practice to keep me whole, in this crazy world. I’m so excited that we are planning to release more yoga nidra audio classes in the New year, you’ll have to watch (or listen!) out for that!

Barre and Pilates
Kat's picks of 2021

I’ve been balancing out my need for inward (Yin yoga) practices with some really fun and feisty classes. My favourites have been with Vanessa – I just LOVE her strengthening Pilates classes, and also Amy Holly’s Barre Workouts especially as I’m a woman in mid-life, it’s so important to have the energising and strengthening practices to combat bone density issues and keep me energised and well, just enjoying life to the full.

Menopause yoga

I’ve really loved exploring our Menopause for Modern Life content with Gabriella and Petra. Again, on a personal level I find these menopause yoga classes immensely beneficial.

Kat's picks

Mimi Kuo-Deemer’s Qigong classes, for me, are an amazing mix of soul-led, quiet practices, with a surprisingly tough balances and quietly strengthening. Maybe that’s what this year has mostly been about. Quietly strengthening. It’s just fabulous that year starts with a strengthening retreat, that will be just perfect for me.

Live online community class

I really loved our first Live Online community yoga class. We were joined by 70 movers from all around the world. There is nothing like strength in community. Class was led by my teacher, Lucy McCarthy, who always gives me a quiet sense of strength. Next year, our community classes will continue and I encourage you to bring a friend! Someone you care for, to find out the joy of moving together.

Intuitive yoga classes
Kat's picks

And although I could list all the yoga classes we released in 2021, because I do practice each and every class before it goes on the site, and I enjoy them all, I really have a special place for Ava’s more intuitive yoga classes. For me, the game-changer of 2021 has been the ability to soften, listen in to myself, tune in, and decide, from a deep sense of self-respect, what is it that my body and mind needs right now to support me.


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